[GET] – Fast VirusTotal Checker

Are you tired of waiting until your file uploads to virustotal, Me too so i made this little application that i want to share with you completely free.

This application calculates the file md5 hash and then checks if virustotal already checked this file.

If the file already exists then it shows the report url and you doesn’t have to upload the file.

The application sits silently in your taskbar and have drag and drop support

IMPORTANT!!! – You will need .NET Framework 3.5 to run the application

I put some screenshots

– First drag or open the file you want to check


– Then the program calculate the md5 hash for the file and check virustotal


– If the file wasn’t checked already it shows the following screen


– If the file was checked then this screen will appear


– If you click the hyperlink it will open the virustotal result page

The download link


VirusTotal results:





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