[GET] Hummingbird v1.0.0.67 (Build from 05/04/09) Patched – $197.00

I know alot of people were having problems with the other Hummingbird Crack so what I have done is downloaded the latest version and patched it myself and made a standalone .zip of the files needed, you can extract this .zip and run from anywhere as long as you have .NET 3.5 SP1 installed on your computer everything else is in this .ZIP file

Again I am providing no warranty or support, this was tested and all functions are working, do not auto update or it will stop working

File Hummingbird.v1.0.0.67.Patched.zip received on 2009.05.25 18:34:02 (UTC)

Current status: Loading … queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED

Result: 0/40 (0%)



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