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Dear Internet Marketers,
For years, I spent hours a day working on the typical search engine optimization
(SEO) methods. I spent hours and hours creating backlinks, creating blogs that
linked to my landing pages, etc.. Then, I started wondering about the News Results
that appeared on the front page of Google search engine results.
I wondered how I could become one of those sites.

I searched high and low to find information about becoming a Google News Source site,
but only found the list of requirements that Google puts out.
Some bloggers mentioned the process a little, but nobody got into detail about it.
I had a newsy looking site that had been around for years
I applied for it to become a Google News site and it was denied.
I created a few more sites and they were all denied as well.

The reason that everybody is so hush hush about Google News is because
people want to keep this information to themselves. duh!!!

Table of Contents
Step One: Creating your new news site… Page 3
Step Two: Setting Up Categories… Page 6
Step Three: Proper Permalinks… Page 8
Step Four: The Must Have Plugins… Page 9
Step Five: Setting Up Your Organizational Structure… Page 10
Step Six: Initial Article Population… Page 12
Step Seven: Initial Ad Placement… Page 14
Step Eight: The Application Process… Page 15
Step Nine: Submitting a Google News Sitemap… Page 19
Step Ten: Once You are Approved… Page 20
Bonus One: Maximizing Profit… Page 21
Bonus Two: Making Your AdSense Ads More Clickable… Page 23
Bonus Three: Getting Others to Write for You for Free… Page 25

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Download:Google News – Brian Rose 2010.zip (1.74 MB)


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