[GET] Webcammax & Patch


Key Features:

Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista 32bit OS.

* Work for all webcam programs

* Add a variety of effects over webcam

* Download thousands of online effects

* Record video with effects and broadcast on YouTube or your Blog

* Share your screen with friends

* Play movie for friends or trick them with a fake video

* Select Webcam, Screen, Movie or Picture as PinP Source

* Paint on the video box directly

Install Wbcammax>Copy Patch into main directory – i.e C: prog files:webcammax and apply patch and bingo.

This is my first real share and i’m not sure if it has been posted before and I apologize if it has. The main reason i’m posting it up is because I want to share how I have made money from this program over & over. This prog can still be used for all you current ewhores out there because it will increase your conversion rate significantly.

I only recently started testing out this method but the method goes like this:

When I chat to guys they always ask for pics/to see ‘me’ on webcam and if i’m promoting a webcam company that night I say ”sorry bebe I can’t” or something similar. So what I done was downloaded a nice solo video of a girl from either a torrent site or a porn site so long as the video wasn’t watermarked already. A great resource for this is


There’s literally hundreds of solo girl videos without watermarks you can choose from. I then got the guys from the chatrooms to add me to my msn such as ”[email protected]” or whatever and asked them if they wanted to see me on cam. So I have webcammax open, and the video loaded into webcammax which is going to play through msn to the guy as if it’s my real cam. I play for a few seconds and then close. Obviously the guy wants more so this is where I direct him to my affiliate link. It’s great for a webcam site because you just say if you want to see more you can sign up for free at…and hope that they sign up

Obviously there are lots of clowns and idiots who don’t like signing up to sites but that’s cool, you’ve got another 15 lined up who are wanting to rip your ass apart. Typical conversion rate for me was about 1:15 people who saw the video depending how good it was. 1:15 for a webcam site that is. There are tonnes of ways you could innovate this process, for example my latest idea was to record one of the girls who’s live and link them to either a preview or ‘my profile’ and if more than likely the guy will sign up.

You can use this for other sites of course, such as AFF [adult friend finder] if you get a more sophisticated video of a girl sitting at her comp dressed and ask them to sign up and like most guys they will be in ‘e-hart’ when they see a chick on cam so they will be straight there signing up.

When you test out the prog you will see there are lots of different ways you can use this prog to your e-whoring advantages, even after you show them the preview some guys will ask for a show because they don’t wana use their credit card, so if you have a good video that lasts between 10-15mins you’re on a winner. Most guys will pay by paypal which is even better and the going rate at the moment is around $20-12 minutes or £12-12minutes which is not bad for having a cig while a vid plays and chuckling about the guy who’s jacking off Lol.

I didn’t plan any of this post out because it’s 3am here and I have uni at 9am so if it reads like shit or if i’m talking in riddles I will post up some other things you can do with this prog that can bring in some easy cash. This is mainly directed to the new guys who are signing up daily wanting to make some extra cash, if you think outside the box you’ll definitely make a nice extra income along side whatever else you’re doing. The only problem is this type of e-whoring isn’t automated so you need to work at it but you’ll definitely make a few extra $$ along the way. I’m sure someone will be able to automate this fully which would be a pretty nice automated income because as we all know ‘sechs sells’.

Oh and DL link for Webcammax:


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