[GET] MiniXrumer Without Ads = More PowerfulGuys, I Found A Way To Remove All Ads From Min

Guys, I found a way to remove all ads from MiniXrumer but first, credit goes to SweTech for providing MiniXrumer in his original thread. When you go there to download it (cos I won’t provide it here), make sure you give him thanks. His thread is at…

(BTW, I can’t post URLS so you’ll have to make some slight changes, sorry)


Copy the code below to your hosts file and add the www variation of the URL as well(can’t seem to post that variation) ia1.7search.c0m tomcruse.hopfeed.c0m

Normally I don’t get in the way of an affiliate trying to make money, but
MiniXrumer software spams you with almost 200 threads of affiliate JS feeds, which is why it crashes so often and makes it nearly un-usable.

Without the ads constantly feeding I have been able to use 200 threads successfully without a crash.

Even if it does crash once and a while, I just ignore the “MiniXrumer has to close” message from Windows and let it finish the task and save my work.

For those who want a completely independent MinXrumor you will have to do a few additional things

1) add to your hosts file minixrumor.c0m

2) install wamp or xamp

3) add a file named version.php (you will create this file using notepad and the “All Files” option) to the C:\wamp\www folder. (When you create the version.php file, the only thing in the file should be “1.0” without the quotes) Make sure wamp is online when you start MiniXrumer

P.S. The only reason I started this thread rather than post in SweTech’s original thread is because I didn’t want this info to get buried on the third page of his thread. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting it here.


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