[GET] X_pe_rt_N_Th_ir_ty_Da_ys

Okay, I replied to the guy looking for this in the request folder, but one of the PDF’s was jacked so I tried to reply with the fixed PDF and apparently I am NOT allowed to post replies or threads in the Download Requests folder…what’s up with that?

Now I have to start a whole new thread to get this info out…if anyone knows why I could post yesterday but not today, please provide some insight. I’m not very active in this forum usually, so I don’t know all the rules and regs around here.


Enough ranting….here’s the goods:


Anyways, this X_pe_rt N Th_ir_ty Da_ys…the rar file has all the PDF’s but like I said, the main PDF didn’t want to work…so I reupped it and that’s what the second file is.

If you just want the main course, grab the PDF…the rar has all his extra bonuses included.


(As usual, replace the xx with tt, the 0 with o, and remove all the *)


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