[GET] WSO 597785 YouTube Traffic Secret Revealed – Finally Have clickable links In Youtube

I just bought this WSO today for $5 for my OFFline Biz.It is about how to add clickable link or banner inside your video.
the Bonus is another WSO which was shared here : Youtube Ranking Machine (350MB), no need to download it if you have it already.

The Trick is easy:

  1. create an adword account with Google
  2. create a video ad campaign and enter your details and credit card info
  3. pause the campaign and edit the video and you will see the Call to Action option visible now.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

Please if anyone knows a software to spin the videos titles automatically let me know to have many videos from one video with many different titles. please post it here in the thread.



Direct Download :


Please Make mirrors if it is possible.

I did a lot Videos marketing for local businesses recently and i want to have a software that create many videos from one video to save time with different titles (keywords) to dominate the local niche easily without going through the creation of the video from the beginning.

Please scan locally, since these downloads are too big for VT Scans.

Thank you




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