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Google Advertiser Campaigns Search Cracked [COC RECORD COLLECTOR – YPS] + Software Crack + Tutorial


Adobe Air/PC Software Auto Collects Google Adwords Pay Per Call, Click Campaigns From The Entire Google Network And More. That’s Not All! Learn How To Manage And Close Campaigns For Businesses In Any Market Step By Step Live.

Google Advertiser Search!
Businesses actively running Adwords Campaigns on Google Network have a budget to spend.

Just this year Google pulled in a whopping $15.3 billion dollars in ad sales!

(That’s how much they made just to let businesses advertise on the google network)

Search and Advertising it’s like the perfect marriage…

Advertisers spend to make the buying decision easier for the consumer.


Making the consumer go page by page just to find what they want (Not the way to go.)

Check out these facts!

The average small business using adwords today spends between $9,000 and $10,000 per month on their Google paid search campaigns. That’s $100,000 to $120,00 per year!

Self serve! When a campaign isn’t responding as the business expected to
Google isn’t around to provide actionable strategic support.

So what ends up happening is that these businesses end up looking to hire consultants or local agencies that can assist with these Adwords campaigns.

Lets dive in a little deeper…

Lets take a look at what an average business spends in the following markets.

Business / Popular Search Terms Average / Cost Per Click
Car Dealership – Auto Dealers – $2.15
Plumber – Plumbers Near Me – $23.31
Restaurant – Best local Restaurants – $5.11
Doctor’s office – Doctor appointment – $5.19
Corporate Law – Attorney near me – $9.95

That’s per click or call!

Massive opportunity for consultants!

We built software that works on Adobe Air/PC and ties directly to Google’s approved API. It will enable you to collect data for any one actively advertising on the google network.

On top of that I’m going to show you LIVE step by step how to start closing and managing these campaigns with out any experience.

We are releasing Google Advertiser Search exclusively to our Red Torrent Media LLC community for just $27! Unlimited computer installation, materials and guides to help you get started rite away!

Google Advertiser Search (Adobe Air/PC – Computers)
Compile, Export Google Advertiser Leads in many different levels.
Works on both platforms mac and pc computers.

Basics Video & Quick Guide – Included! (Recording)
In the members area you’ll find detailed training from start to finish. 100% over the the shoulder. Pause, Play or rewind it’s completely up to you.

LIVE – Step By Step Training!
ZERO Experience required! I’m going to show you exactly how you can start closing and managing google campaigns with absolutely ZERO experience.

This Course Contains
Adobe Air/PC – Software
Quick Guide – PDF
Video Tutorials – (Pre) recorded
Members Group – Private
Email/Forum – Support


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