[GET] Macdonjo3’s List of 59k EDU WordPress Blogs – Basically Free $100!


I had these laying around on my dedi, I scraped em when I was testing something. I removed all dup urls. I don’t really need these anymore.

For all you newbies who don’t know what to do. Spin up a bunch of comments and comment to these. Then 3 days later, using link checker. Save all urls that have live links and then use it for the other sites you need it on.

However, if you don’t have scrapebox. Go over to Fiverr or DP and sell this list for $5 or $10 to 20 people or something. Those people buy anything if you word your sales page/paragraph right. Now you have $100 to do whatever you want with to start your IM business **cough cough buy my service cough cough**, ah jk. Just whatever you do make sure its a wise investment. If you don’t have Scrapebox, and hosting those would be wise things to start with.

Please enjoy responsibly. :)




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