[GET] Simon Hodgkinson – Internet Marketing Master Plan

Simon Hodgkinson just released an interesting, newbie friendly 70 page report… (I spared you the opt-in process).

This guy’s free products are better than most paid products from other marketers.

Internet Marketing Master Plan


Building An Online Business Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated,
Time Consuming Or Expensive!..

This guide is a COMPLETE system to building your online business quickly,
affordable and most importantly – EASILY!

Here’s what you’ll learn…

The Tools of the Trade: I reveal the EXACT system I personally use to build my own online businesses using only 4 resources! You will save tons of time and money by focusing only on the things you truly need to build and grow your online business.
How to build a targeted mailing list of hungry buyers. If you want to set your business on complete overdrive, you NEED to implement this strategy.

The fastest way to build your online business without doing 1/4 of the work involved! These time saving strategies will help you launch a profitable business in ANY market in less than half the time it takes your competitors.

What you absolutely MUST do on your website in order to maximize conversion rates and visitor retention! (these are drop dead simple techniques but they are extremely powerful when added to your marketing **************).

The easiest method of researching and choosing winning niche markets! It all begins with carefully selecting your market, and then building your business around these customer bases.. I’ll show you exactly how to do it today!

Why you should never choose a large-scale market, and how to generate MORE money from smaller pools of buyers (easy too)

How and why you need to conduct keyword research BEFORE building your online business. I will show you the fastest and easiest methods I use. (nothing fancy, costs nothing and works every time)

How you can build your very first website in under 15 minutes for less than $29 in start up costs! (this is a cash saving, time saving strategy that the “gurus” use to dominate markets quickly)


And Much More!



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