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Underground Local Formula – WSO

FORGET The Boring Client Meetings or Useless Self Promotion…I’m Going to PROVE to You With a REAL Case Study That Those Days Are Over!

“For The First Time I’m Revealing The Underground Local Formula So You Can Extract Cash From ANY Local Market You Choose…No Matter Where You Live!”

*Once* You See This You’ll NEVER Need To Buy Another Local Offline Report Again!

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“This is top notch! You are left with something that will easily bring you in hundreds if not thousands a month with very little work. “

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If there is anyone who is on edge with this one….let me help you….get it! This is top notch! I got his last WSO and this one builds up on top of that one even more and you are left with something that will easily bring you in hundreds if not thousands a month with very little work. (If you got his last one this one is still worth purchasing…there is plenty more info and a different approach to make this a totally different product) He has figured out a different approach to the offline marketing idea. You MIGHT have thought of this general idea before hand..but Paul lays it all out in front of you to where you just smack yourself in the head wondering why you were not already doing it. The absolute best part is this does not have to be done with a city that is massive. You could really twist this to make it work in ANY city! That is the best thing about this! I already have some stuff setup that is so close to his example that its almost word for word EXCEPT i was not monetizing it in any way that was bringing me in money…that will all change now! This is excellent! Thanks Paul!

“He’s put a spin on Offline Marketing that I’ve not read about before”

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Paul’s report is straight to the point, no filler, no fluff. He’s put a spin on Offline Marketing that I’ve not read about before and with his detailed instructions even a non techie like myself should be able to do this.

“No bs, no fluff, straight to the point and came complete with a real world example of the process in action.”

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I purchased this report last night prior to it being released as a wso since I’m on Paul’s list from his first seo report. I was really looking forward to this report because if it was going to be anything like his first report, I knew it was going to kick butt.

I was not disappointed. Just like his last report, this report was no bs, no fluff, straight to the point and came complete with a real world example of the process in action.

So many wso’s and products are touted as being so great, but rarely ever come with any “proof” besides pictures of checks or bank accounts. Rarely do you ever see fruits of the labor, and in both of Paul’s reports you get to see a working, live example.

I also like how simple yet straight forward and effective Paul’s methods are. In this offline wso, Paul provides you with a different perspective and approach to take when dealing with offline business owners. So simple in fact that I never really thought to take the approach myself.

If you’re a successful offliner, then this report may not be significant to you. If you’re pulling in clients already and doing well, you’re golden. I would say it could be an additional element.

For those considering making the jump to offline, beginners, and those struggling to make money in this niche, I highly encourage you to get it. It’s very simple, easy to implement, and business owners will already be primed to become your client.

Do you eventually need to make some form of contact with clients? Of course you do. But this system will have them sold already.

This report is also extremely good for taking your first steps and being your foundation in the offline market. Get experience from this and you can simply scale up and expand your business.

Once again, great straight forward, no bs, practical report Paul.

Thanks Paul.

“This is a short, to-the-point WSO with a lot of gold inside. I would definitely buy this WSO, particularly at this price.”

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I have purchased and read the report in this WSO. This is a short, to-the-point WSO with a lot of gold inside. Paul is specific about local and about a monetization scheme that is simple to implement and extremely budget friendly. You won’t be caught up in costs forwarding toll-free numbers or setting up auto-responders. Those approaches may have their own merit, but they come with some headaches as well.

It also appears that Paul is working in at least one city with about 100K people. That’s not a real big city, folks, and he’s making money from it.

If you are into offline marketing or are interested in venturing into it, I would definitely buy this WSO, particularly at this price.

FTR, I only know Paul from this WSO and the one on SEO that I happened to find yesterday. I haven’t implemented what is in this report to the point of seeing a profit, but I am taking a break right now from doing the legwork on it to write this review. I’ll update when I see green.


Hello Warriors,

As many of you know by now, I have been doing online marketing full time since 1997 and local offline marketing for the past three years (long before it became the newest thing since sliced bread). Take it from me, this is a lucrative business but most people are going about it all wrong!

Even when I first started with local/offline marketing I did it completely backwards and “only through trial and error” did I figure it out.

All I can say is WOW…everywhere you look it’s all about Local Offline Marketing, “how to market your services to local businesses and make a killing.” Some of the products are not bad (I buy them all from the $7 reports to the high end $995 products), but in my opinion there is way too much hype and not enough substance.

Most of the stuff I have seen are vague ideas or theories of what “might work”. I’m going to show you an actionable method that has “proven to work” which you can implement from day one.

Why I (Kind Of) Hate Local Offline Marketing…

There is the traditional way of doing Internet marketing for offline businesses where you find clients, make a proposal, come to an agreement on price then implement the work.

This sounds great but it has 4 major flaws (which I will go into detail and prove in my guide), but briefly they are:

  • – Getting “quality” clients with money that won’t be a headache.
  • – Relinquishes all control of your time and puts a ceiling on your income.
  • – Pins you down to your local area and you end up becoming a local “underpaid” expert.
  • – Why outsourcing the whole process is not really true – when it hits the fan clients want to speak to you.

I’m Going to Prove There is a Better Way To Get Paid For Offline Marketing…

There is a better way of creating value for offline businesses while remaining in control of the whole situation. I have found a way to effectively reverse the leverage completely in my favour and take local offline marketing to a whole new level making it a scalable, worldwide enterprise.

And no, this is NOT the usual stuff like domain flipping, renting websites, leasing websites, making newspaper type blogs, Google Maps, Google Places, Google Mobile or selling leads to local businesses.

Here’s What I Will Show You Today…

With a detailed case study (as usual) I’m going to “reveal my entire process” and demonstrate exactly how I kill it with offline marketing from start to finish. Everything is laid out, step-by-step, FULL DISCLOSURE!

The Underground Local Formula is different from what you are probably used to as it’s packed with “real world”, tangible techniques that have proven to work time after time.

For those of you that know me and have purchased my products in the past you know that I over-deliver and my reputation is that I “provide solid, actionable material while explaining everything to the finest detail – I never leave nothing out”.

In all fairness to the people that purchase the Underground Local Formula, I did not put up a public screen shot of the case study. But as you’ll see I have 43 offline businesses (and growing) paying me an average of $272.15 per month like clockwork and it’s the easiest cash I have ever made. Inside you’ ll see what’s possible when you master this method.

By the way The Underground Local Formula is time tested, it’s NOT just something I dreamed up and have not used – “I never promote anything that I have not successfully used myself”.

So on and so forth and blah, blah, blah …..

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Enjoy …. :cool2:

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