[GET] Super Duper Auto Tweeter 3.0 – Auto Tweet From Web!

Ok, I finally did it. Super Duper Auto Tweeter 3.0 is here. It’s faster, easier to use, and more stable than ever before. It’s multi-threaded, fast as hell, and supports an unlimited number of accounts and tweets. There are no promotional tweets (other than your own) or other surprises that will go out through this.

The main new feature is that (the pro version) can post from the web. As many of you know, Twitter has started marking accounts from which all or most tweets come from the API as spam. Worse, these tweets are almost always ghosted from search results. So, the Post from Web feature in this software actually simulates logging into each account, manually typing a tweet, and submitting it through Twitter’s web interface – and it’s just as fast as through the API (several thousand per minute can be sent across unlimited accounts) :). Suck on that Twitter :p. The free version only posts through the API. Sorry, I have to hold back something – this feature is too powerful to throw into the hands of everyone for nothing.

I don’t know if they want me to post a for sale thread since I could theoretically sell some copies of the pro version as a result of the distribution of the free version on here. I posted here because the free version has a lot of power and has been very popular in the past, and I wanted my fellow BHWers to have access to it. If I am supposed to buy a for sale thread as well, someone in power let me know :).



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