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This isn?t like the ?old? SEO methods or business in a box systems?

This is something BRAND NEW that has never been seen before and is in SUCH high demand that you stand to make a small fortune by starting your own business or offering it to your existing clients.

You see, in 2012 alone over half of ALL local searches were done by a mobile device.

As it so happens, a GIGANTIC portion of those searches were ALL done from an iPhone.

And whether you believe it or not? the large portion of the local searches done from the iPhone were all done through Siri, their automated robotic helper.

Now you may be wondering? ?Huh? Siri? Why does that matter??

I?ll tell you why: I?ve uncovered a brand new way to ?hijack? Siri and insure that my client?s listings have the best shot at appearing at the TOP of its search results.

This means that instead of a user having to go into Google to find my client?s information?

That information pops right up on the iPhone screen and my clients always appear at the top.

This gets them more exposure, more customers, and most of all MAKES THEM MORE MONEY.

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