[GET] Gu*ru’s Gu*ide To Ea*sy Cash

Download Link:

hxxp://w3.no*websitereq*uired.co*m/eas*y-cash-down*load.htm by Bis*hop An*ders

My review: this ebook really sucks and I’ll be requesting an immediate refund.

It’s basically about the egay affiliate program and finding people who are searching for certain products to buy and finding buyers on CL. If I’m not mistaken this was written by someone else so he probably changed it up a bit and slapped his name on it and is now selling it as his own.

It took me about 5 minutes to read through the 37 page ebook and the 2 bonus ebooks. Wasted my money and my time. I hope I get a quick refund.

I included the download link so you can see for yourself.


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