[GET] : Free Guide/Ebook/Videos on “Do You Suck At Making Money”

Hi everyone, my 300th post here on BHW and a really big thank to everyone for sharing their methods, softwares and ideas!

To celebrate my “Regular Member” status :p , here is something I would like to share with all of you :)

This is “Do You Suck At Making Money” guide (ebook and videos) from Zoobie, who is Zoobie? Well he is a close friend of Russell Brunson, who many of us know who he is.

This is total whitehat and I haven’t fully read it, thought of sharing the guides and ideas with you guys.

Sales page : http://www.doyousuckatmakingmoney.com/

Guide links :

  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/do_you_suck_at_making_money.mp3
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/01/01.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/02_intro/02_intro.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/03_weebly_demo/03_weebly_demo.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/04_intro_to_trialpaynow/04_intro_to_trialpaynow.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/05_trialpaynow_demo/05_trialpaynow_demo.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/08_create_a_product/08_create_a_product.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/06_community_marketing/06_community_marketing.html
  • http://do_you_suck_at_making_money.s3.amazonaws.com/07_comment_sniper/07_comment_sniper.html



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