[GET] Adsense Recipe (PDF+Videos)

Very basic newbie product:

The Beginners Guide Includes:

  • Introduction To Making Money Online
  • The Basics Of Websites
  • Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started
  • What Kind Of Website Should You Create?
  • How To Register Domain Names
  • Choosing A Host For Your Website
  • Installing Your Website (WordPress)
  • Adding Content To Your Website
  • Other Things You Need To Do
  • Tools & Websites To Make Your Life Easier
  • You’re Up And Running Now What?

Advanced Techniques:

  • How To Find The Right Keywords
  • How To Pick Good Keyword Domains
  • How To Determine Competition
  • WordPress Tweaks & Secrets
  • How Much Content To Add And When
  • Where To Place Your Ads For Maximum Profit
  • Search Engine Optimization & It’s Importance
  • How To Build Backlinks To Your Website
  • What Are Analytics & What To Look For
  • Cary’s ***** Secrets For Making Money
  • Other Important Stuff
  • What’s Next?

“The Recipe” Step-by-Step Monthly Plan

  • Exactly What To Do – Month 1
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 2
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 3
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 4
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 5
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 6
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 7
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 8
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 9
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 10
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 11
  • Exactly What To Do – Month 12

6 How To Videos:

  1. Video 1 – Installing WordPress The Easy Way
  2. Video 2 – How To Add Content To WordPress
  3. Video 3 – Finding Keywords & Niches
  4. Video 4 – ***** Link Finding Trick
  5. Video 5 – Article Submission On Steroids
  6. Video 6 – How To Find .edu & .gov Links

Don’t Do Anything And See What Happens

So just imagine for one moment not doing anything at all. You don’t buy my system and you don’t make any extra money.
You’ll wake up tomorrow and carry on with your life and continue to do the same things you have always done. You’ll do the same things day in and day out for the rest of your life. You know what they call this…CRAZY.
If you continue to do the same things everyday expecting different results you are plain crazy and the fact of the matter is nothing will ever change…EVER.
Here are two testimonials from a one-on-one coaching program I did called The Adsense Guild. In this program I used the exact same techniques you will find in this Adsense Reicpe. The personal coaching was $250 for two weeks and it sold out very quickly.

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