[GET] MediaMax Pro Nulled, Video Script

Media Max Pro, Nulled and Tested, Make sure you upload in Binary Mode

With our modern media sharing script you can not only share videos,
but also pictures and audios/music. Completely multilingual with a
professional design.

With our advanced media sharing script you can not only share videos,
but also pictures / photos and audio / music / mp3's. 

MediaMAX comes with english and spanish language packs. You can easily
add/remove languages.

All phrases are stored in a single file for each language, so you just
need to add one file per language.

MediaMAX supports multiple methods of video streaming, allowing you to
stream your videos the way you want. Users can click anywhere on the
video player and the video will load from there when video streaming is

 **** Validator ****

Upload all files in BINARY mode.
Run validator.php before editing files to verify release.
Use online verifier of validator.php file and you will see NFO file.
Remove both files from server after checking and enjoy.
Remember, we include validator.php and checksums.md5 in our releases.
If you don't see these files, dont trust.
Do not modify validator.php.

Please note: You should validate downloaded release before using it
via URL above.
There are so many leechers in the scene now who want to break
reputation of DGT and other groups (you know guys, who you are)





And your Welcome!


:) Cyrus :)


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