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hi there ,
i have searched this software in forum as well as in the do not share list but haven’t found it shared or declared as do not share product

so i am sharing this


[B]Exclusive Cracked Version[/B]

With our Yahoo! Answers Marketing Secrets & Yahoo! Answers Marketing  Automation Software! you will quickly discover how to earn a full or  part-time income from answering simple questions!

Yahoo! Answers gets 90 Million Visitors - people who are asking simple to answer questions like -

"Where can I buy ...."
Yes thousands of posts from people who are signaling they want to buy a  product - can you help them - yes Help them to find the right product at  the right price and both of you win?

"Is there an alternative to ...."
There are thousands of questions asking for an alternative to X brand -  we show you how to help these users find alternatives - and how both the  user and you win!

"How can I get my dog to ...."
You will be amazed how many people ask a question that can be answered  quickly, and simply, and can include a reference to a product or url  that can lead to commission, and when someone else searches on Google  that question, you know whose answer they are going to find? Yes, YOURS!  = Residual Income.

Where do you begin?
If you don't know where to begin with Yahoo! Answers then our Yahoo!  Answers Marketing Secrets video series and accompanying Ebook will get  you started in no time.


Dont spam yahoo answers coz it is not worth it and they will ban and remove ur comments anyways 

You need yahoo level 2 accounts to post clickable links ---- these are the accounts which have some rep in yahoo answers and are helping people for some time 

when u start for the first time , build ur accounts first by that i mean , go on and help few people with anwers without any links or anything , when u get enough rep then start spreading ur links 

You can either buy or make yahoo level 2 accounts(level 1 can also post links but the links are not clickable and has low authority than the clickable link) 



Virus total


this is not my release or something , i have leeched it from another forum and if the software is not working or have some flaws dont flame me as its cracked and most crack apps wont work flawlessly

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