[GET] Official Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

This guide is official Google`s Search Engine Optimization

Guide it`s free but a lot of people don`t know it! This is the updated version of the old guide anounced yesterday. Have a nice reading!

SEO Starter Guide updated

About two years ago we published our first SEO Starter Guide, which we have since translated into 40 languages. Today, we?re very happy to share with you the new version of the guide with more content and examples.

Here?s what?s new:

* Glossary to define terms throughout the guide

* More example images to help you understand the content

* Ways to optimize your site for mobile devices

* Clearer wording for better readability

You may remember getting to see what Googlebot looks like in our ?First date with Googlebot? post. In this version of the SEO Starter Guide, Googlebot is back to provide you with some more SEO tips.

You can download the new version here [PDF]. Entertain and impress your friends by leaving a printed copy on your coffee table.





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