2018 the Best Top Earning Adsense Niches

Top earning AdSense niches are as a result of various factors. You must know how to choose the correct area to get more oney from Adsense. So we compile a list of “highest earning AdSense niches” here are some of the driving factors noted.

  1. Insurance.  such as  “insurance car” is the most needed word in this area.
    That is how most insurance companies make their money. And they know that if they get a customer buy their cover, they are largely going to keep such a customer. The industry thrives on loyalty and the initial customer acquisition is normally very high because of competition, branding and marketing, with lower conversions making it high paying advertising niche.
  2. Automobile. This is one very competitive industry with moderate conversions. Most of the time the conversions here would mean just collecting the email or phone contacts of potential buyers. Most of the sales tend to happen in the show rooms but considering automobiles can go for up to millions of dollars this niche will pay well for certain keywords.
  3. Marketing and Advertising. Marketing is everything in building brands and advertising is key to market a brand. Whichever angle you want to view it, this niche pays well especially on targeted keywords.
  4. Personal Finance. Money will always be a key debate and keywords in this niche are really competitive making it a high paying niche.
  5. Health and Fitness. Helath well-being and fitness is a big industry as people grample with so many issues from weight gain or loss, muscle building, fat burning, name them. Most targeted keyworks in this niche pay high as the industry is so full of many quality and conunterfeit products making it very competitive and hard to penetrate.
  6. Forex. Foreign exchange is the only market that never sleeps, it functions 24/7 365 days. For that reason, it has become so convenient for forex traders to exchange currencies online making the industry grow as more players enter this niche. The profit margins for forex brokers is good and thus rendering the chase for new customers worth it.
  7. Domain Names and Registration. Domain names are a great online brand signal to any business. However domain registration costs a few dollars making sole domain registrars make not so much like other web related services. Nonetheless to make huge profits, domain registrars companies’ strength exists in economies of scale; the little you make from more customers the bigger the profits. At times, they will also upsell other services like ssl certificates, web hosting, and many more. For this reason, the competition is normally high in this niche.
  8. Law Firms and Attorneys. Finding a great arttorney or lawyer can be one of the craziest tasks around. Everyone needs protection with the law, if you think otherwise wait until you get into trouble with the law. And the worst part, nobody seams aware at all times they are breaking the law. But it does’t have to come to breaking the law for you to need a lawyer, even when doing other stuff like registering a business, selling property, writing a will, … you will just need a lawyer. This niche is high paying because most fees for law related services are not that low.
  9. Law Practices and Damage Compensation. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here, everything is just the same as the above niche.
  10. Databases & Management. This niche is so big and the keywords pay well. Most database management companies would pays hundreds to thousands of dollars for conversions as most projects tend to rake in huge returns.
  11. Data Recovery. In this information age, data is everything. But since most people store data on computers, that can be have far reaching effects if the data is lost either when your computers crash or any other reason. The cost for data recovery can be very high depending on the magnitude.
  12. Transport and Communication. Transport was crucial for the industrial age and as long as industries still exist it will continue to be bigger. In many ways, transport and communication are finely intertwined as it is hard to do one without the other. Whether it is transporting data, information, goods, raw materials … bla bla bla. That makes this a high paying niche as competition and customer loyalty tends to be the driving force.
  13. Travel and Accommodation. If you have travelled to a new place before, the feeling of being stranded can be scary. As a result most travellers tend to look for accomodation and transport online before paying a visit. This niche is very rewarding for that reason as everyone competes for the new guy in town.
  14. Web Hosting. Web servers are so in demand these days but on the flipside that hasn’t scarcity as there are so many web hosts in the industry. The cost of acquiring customers here is so high largely because of competition and a great customer loyalty. The one crazy thing though is the poor conversions in this industry; the one reason which this niche is high paying for coversions.
  15. Web Design. As long as the internet continues to exist, this is one niche that will never be dry. The main problem is getting new customers as competition is so high as web designers are all over, be it on freelancing sites, brick and mortar businessed etc.
  16. Mortgages and Property Care. It is wise to own a house as an income earner or just a place to live. But sometimes you want to yet your bank account doesn’t have enough for your dream property. The banks know that you can hardly go wrong with selling mortgages as they are a source of stable income and should a customer default, they have a collateral to nub. For this reason, it is common to find banks and mortgage finincers paying high to sell their rates and services to a prospect buyer. If you through in the competition, you will find this to be a very high rewarding niche.
  17. Car Rental. This is one fast growing niche and the amount of competition here is just absurd considering that conversion rates are high but little customer loyalty. People are basically trying out new stuff everyday. In terms of technology you have taxi Apps launched daily with cheaper or better rates for both boarders and drivers or car owners. The one sure way would be advertising so as to get your brand infront of many eyes as possible making it one of the best paying AdSense niches.

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