[GET] Local Avenger v1.4.2

Get Local Avenger Cracked Help You Dominate Local SEO and Google Places
Local SEO and Google Places
Can Be Very Confusing for Most People,
You’re left to figure out what ranks a Local Website as opposed to a Google Places listing.

Google requires a lot from you to rank high on Google Places… this
includes citations, reviews, back links, videos, images, etc
Then for Local SEO you have to make sure you cover Fresh Content, Backlinks, Sodal Media mentions, Comments plus more.
Here, is What Your google places page needs to Rank:
1. At least 5 pictures and 1 video
2. Citations
3. Reviews
4. Lots of Content

a Google citation is a mention on another website that lists your name, address, and phone number

Dominate Local Search with an army of sites ranking within days of
registering your exact-match domain. Find keywords that have a decent
amount of traffic on them, secure the exact match domain, through a few
back links at it and BOOM you have a 1st page listing… imagine doing
this on 50 sites!


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