Get Social Dominator 5.2.38

Social Dominator 5.2.38

  • Name : Social Dominator
  • Version : 5.2.38
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Social Marketing Bot
  • Price : $560
  • Homepage : SalePage

Wait is over! Now you have lastly a tool for online promotion , able to control the thousands of accounts socializing simultaneously million friends on accounts you for socializing , and millions of groups and pages of socialization through which you can promote products / services automatically using this soft .

Social Dominator is a software that currently is extracting anything from facebook, linkedin, twitter, google+
It also make friend requests (slow, not to get suspended), joining groups.
And autopost messages to walls, groups, pages… etc.
Its also able to pots articles directly from your websites. , not matter the platform.


EXTRACTOR : Extract all accounts social profiles from multiple sources such as:

  • + Featured profile
  • + friends of friends
  • + friends of friends, friends
  • + Search using keywords
  • Groups extract of searches using keywords.
  • Extract pages in searches using keywords.

The software has the ability to retain key words used to extract information, so you do not waste time trying to extract profiles, groups or pages; using the same keywords.
In fact, the software has the ability to retain profiles (friends) extracted from the friends list to avoid pargurgerea of identical steps.
These options were added at the request of users, to avoid duplication of options, if you stop the software.


  • Send friend requests profiles extracted.
  • Send requests to join groups extracted.

The software has the ability to retain both profiles, and groups that sent the request. Thus, you can use multiple accounts in the same social network (eg Facebook), to send friend requests to different people, avoiding to be friends with the same person on multiple accounts.

DISTRIBUTOR : Post messages from two sources:

  • Post messages in a text document
  • Post messages directly from your site, with the ability to monitor the site and you post something new, all methods will post immediately below.

Post messages above on:

  • Wall’s accounts
  • The groups in which you are enrolled
  • The page extracts
  • On the pages that you own
  • On your pages defined in a list

The software has the ability to:

  • Remember messages, to avoid posting the same message to the same group / page (unless they insist on this)
  • You can control the limits of time between messages and postings.
  • You can limit the number of groups / pages to post the same message

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