Get Social Media Raptor 1.0.8

Social Media Raptor 1.0.8

  • Name : Social Media Raptor
  • Version : 1.0.8
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Tools, Youtube Marketing Tools, Linkedin Marketing Tools
  • Price : $87
  • Homepage : SalePage

Social Media Raptor is an amazing software by Eduardo Gutierrez. Social Media Raptor combine these three tools in one powerful suite to master social media marketing. Powerful Software will Instantly increase your conversions and sales on Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.


“Social Media Quoter” is a unique software that stores all the most famous quotes of every popular topic, author and professionals backgrounds. This software creates professional quoted images and distributes these images on Facebook all automatically. It makes viral any image in minute driving unlimited traffic from social media to your site or product in autopilot. Also it creates amazing Facebook ads images in seconds automatically.

Here’s A Sneak Preview At Some Features Contained In This Software …

  • It has stored all famous quote from all popular authors and categories.
  • It includes many professional backgrounds but also supports any kind of background or image.
  • It includes a scheduler to set the date and time of each submission.
  • It watermarks images included, the quote, author and any url you want to promote.
  • It supports Unlimited Images and quotes at the same time using a very powerful multithreaded system.
  • It fixes all contents in the image automatically so no matter if the quote is short or long.
  • It supports font color change, size of quote, author and url.
  • It posts the quoted images in unlimited facebook fan pages and groups also in timeline.
  • It supports unlimited facebook accounts.
  • The user can save, edit or delete the projects.
  • It supports two distinct ways of posting quoted images on facebook. Posts the quoted images in each selected pages and groups or Posts the quoted images in TimeLine and shares this post in all selected pages and groups.
  • It supports One Bubble and Two Bubbles speech templates.
  • It creates amazing social Media Memes.
  • It creates high quality ads automatically. ( NEW )
  • A lot more…
  • This is the most effective t


This is the best Youtube Analytic Tools available in the market. Don’t waste more time trying to position videos on Youtube because that’s something almost impossible if you don’t know the algorithm of Youtube. For this reason, I’m glad to present you the unique program that exposes the algorithm of Youtube.

Here’s A Sneak Preview At Some Features Contained In This Software …

  • It analyzes and retrieves Id, date published, title, description, Urls in the description, category, Live broadcasting, Duration, Definition. Privacy status, license, views, likes, dislikes, favorites, comments, time watched, subscription driven, shares, average view time, external backlinks, Id of channel, channel title, channel description, channel published date, channel views, channel comments, channel subscribers, channel videos
  • Also analyze channels and the videos of the channels.
  • Exports all the data.
  • A lot more…


And Here’s Just A Tiny Taste Of The Amazing Insider Secrets Awaiting You In This Software…

  • Search groups by keywords.
  • Search users by keywords.
  • Join groups automatically.
  • Post in groups automatically.
  • Add users as connections (friends) automatically.
  • Post in friends walls automatically.
  • Collect member of targeted groups.
  • Send messages to friends automatically.
  • Collect personal info of targeted users.
  • Collect list of profile visitors.
  • Add as Connection the profile visitors automatically.
  • Automate also all professional features of linkedin in case the use has a professional linkedin account.
  • A lots More…….

Social Media Raptor 1.0.8

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