Get Whatsapp Blaster 2016 1.2 LX

Whatsapp Blaster 2016 v1.2 LX

  • Name : Whatsapp Blaster
  • Version : 2016 1.2 LX
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Whatsapp Marketing Tools
  • Price : $499
  • Homepage : SalePage

Blast UNLIMITED message to Whatsapp users around the world.
Whatsapp Blaster Brand new Desktop Application, was made especially to enable advertisers to send group, advertising and non- commercial advertising messages using WhatsApp which will allow user to send photos, videos. User will be able also to send a large number of characters as well so he would get the maximum possible benefit of the sending process.


  • The first Bulk platform for WhatsApp Users, called WHATSAPP Marketing, provides the ability to create contact lists of potential customers mobile phones and send text messages with photos, pictures and viral videos to an unlimited number of recipients
  • Supported: Text, Image, Audio, Video, vCard, Location.
  • Even multiple messages sending option.
  • Delivery Report Export in Text file.
  • Built-in Whatsapp Number Filter, and Number Generator. Can filter 1 million in just few minutes.
  • Multi Languages: Arabic, English, Portuguese, Chines, Russian.

Whatsapp Blaster 2016 v1.2 LX
Whatsapp Blaster 2016 v1.2 LX
Whatsapp Blaster 2016 v1.2 LX

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