Get Creative Post 3.0

Creative Post 3.0

  • Name : Creative Post
  • Version : 3.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Email Marketing Tools
  • Price : $25
  • Homepage : SalePage

Creative Post 2.0-3.0. You’ll now be able to post, reply and parse data from any of the topics below and tons more. You can even get lead data from one of the hottest sources today We can’t wait for you to use this software. Get it Free At! –
Creative Post 2.0 Is Back And Packed With More!
Craigslist is only getting stronger and we know exactly what sections your business will benefit from too! So after several weeks of testing and developing Creative Post 2.0 we finally have it ready for you to enjoy!
Creative Post isn’t just craigslist software! It’s robust software with tons of features to help automate how you post on craigslist, get leads and more!
How would you like to post, reply and pull the data from the following craigslist sections: Jobs, Resume And Community Sections? I know I know – who doesn’t?
Or how about this – Schedule the entire process so it works for you on autopilot?


With CREATIVE POST 2.0 now you can get it all done!
The Creative Post 2.0 is awesome! It lets you schedule the best time to auto reply to any of the sections mentioned above. one of the most slept on sites is filled with all types of leads from small companies all the way up to corporate size businesses. Now with creative post 2.0 you can pull any data you demand in seconds. The more leads the better!

New system updater! When craigslist makes a change or improvement. We want you to know about it. So now you can get full system updates daily rite from the system interface.

So lets do an overview of what you are getting!

Creative Post 2.0 Auto Reply “Scheduler” – Lets you set the best times to auto reply to potential prospects.

CP 2.0 “Lead Supplier” – Pulls a long list of data you can use to turn leads into real time clients.

Post, Reply, Parse from any of the following areas “Jobs Sections “Resume Section” “Community Section”. All 100% on autopilot – We have never put this feature out before but we are confident you’ll enjoy.

CP 2.0 System Updater – Get the latest updates on any improvements and changes to the craigslist site. You’ll be notified of any improvements you may benefit from as a local marketer!.

All of this work took us about a month and cost us $2,300 to build up. It isn’t cheap but we have pride in our work. And because you have had our back over the years supporting us daily. We are giving you options pick up 1 copy for just $14.00 or go all out and pass it on to your team for just $24!.

Go get your copy soon we are making this available just this weekend. We don’t want too many hands on this tool. Who wants competition? Not me. Pick it up now before its too late.

Creative Post 3.0

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