Get G-Soft 5 – Leads Extractor 1.0

G-Soft 5 - Leads Extractor 1.0

  • Name : G-Soft 5 – Leads Extractor (Guiller-software)
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Local Marketing Tool
  • Price : $32
  • Homepage : SalePage

Software Brings In Leads From The All NEW and UPDATED Mega Sites Like Yelp, Merchant Circle And Even Google Places For Local Businesses. It Even Tells You Which Business Have A Bad Reputation Via Thumbs Up Or Down! Export All Leads On A CSV Rite To Your Desktop or Laptop


  • Support Yelp
  • Support Google Map
  • Support Foursquare

Here Is Why You Need G-Soft For Your Local Marketing

As you may have already seen from the headline we are pulling of this data from the top 3 mega sites Yelp, Merchant Circle And Google Places for local businesses. These sites get millions of registrations on a daily (but these aren’t just registrations) these Are LEADS you can turn from prospect to client instantly.

And the beauty is NOW we no longer need to “Scrape” any data from there websites because they offer an API (API is just a short word for Application Program Interface) to make a long story short this simply means any New, Hidden or Public data they receive we’ll be able to deliver to you first based on queries you make.

But enough of the tech talk lets get down to business…

G-Soft is a software providing you the local marketer with the guidance you need to turn these potential prospects into clients. But How? The software has a very unique thumbs up or down icon that lets you know when a lead has close to terrible reviews and even when some have good reviews BUT if it sense the business is doing 100% good it won’t bother showing them on the software grid.

This software is a time saver!

To make it even better it’s bringing on DATA on grid format from the top sites Yelp, Merchant Circle, Google Places which I stated earlier. But! With the lead information we need to pass on to our sales team or call up our selves Business Name, Phone Number, Address. Oh and year reviews are included as well! So no need to open up any browsers at all see the potential prospect rite from the grid or click on the grid to view the listing before you attempt to call.

This is game changing stuff and you can do this for any niche you want. You can go after the little guys like the contractors or go big target doctors, dentist etc. It works with all niche areas and most importantly every level of local marketing experience.

Just this weekend my staff and I here at Red Torrent Media LLC are making this one available to our supporting customers just this weekend for just $22 single license and $32 corporate user license. (Dev-Cost Us $3,108.80)

ZERO upsells you don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you an upsell.

Included in this package you’ll also be receiving live training via GoToWebinar live showing you exactly how you can leverage this software in your business. No need for the guessing game I’ve been in the game long enough and will be sharing my experience live with you.

Pick up your copy now and we’ll see you next week!.

G-Soft 5 - Leads Extractor 1.0
G-Soft 5 - Leads Extractor 1.0

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