Get HA Search 1.0

  • Name : HA Search
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools
  • Price : $20
  • Homepage : SalePage

Home Advisor Software Provides You With Contractor Areas Of Expertise, Website, Phone, Email, Description And Even The Rating For The Business. See All Reviews Rite From The Interface! New Filter System lets You Pre-Determined The Range Of The Lead By Location. That’s Not It! Get Live Training On How To Build Your Own Home Advisor Web Services Helping Contractors Of All Types!


Search Home Advisor (Business In A Box!)
Over 5 million reviews submitted at Home Advisor and 30 million homeowners use it. And to top it all off it’s free so contractors are always signing up. Home advisor isn’t new on the block they have been up and running since 1999.

You’ll find a variety of contracts at all types of different levels some new and even some that have been in the contractor space for some time. Find your ideal prospect easily -Dry wall installers, Electricians, plumbers, roofers, heating and cooling and tons more. That’s just a small list for you.

We enjoyed helping these contractors but had one problem it was taking to long for us to gather the necessary data we needed to be able to reach out to these business

Owners. Timing was a huge factor close to 1 hour to gather up 50 leads. Then it hit us if we built a quicker solution we can get double the work done and more local clients.

We built a software called Search! That enables you to get the most out of your prospecting. HA search gather ups contractors name, phone, addresses, emails and even provides you with ratings and visual reviews you can view rite from the software instantly. And oh yea no manual work needed! You can export all the lead data your looking for instantly in minutes.

I’ll be your guide through out this journey! On top of that I’m providing you with live Over the should training so you can replicate everything I know about home advisor And apply on to your own business and tons more.

I’m making search and the live training (business in a box) to our supporters and customers only. For just $20 flat! So much content for close to nothing. Go ahead an pick up your copy of the latest Search software!

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