Get RS Lead Extractor Pro 4.1.22 Premium

RS Lead Extractor Pro 4.1.22

  • Name : RS Lead Extractor Pro/US/UK/AUS
  • Version : Pro 4.1.22 Premium
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Lead Marketing Tools
  • Price : $99
  • Homepage : SalePage

Lead Generation made easy!
Get business leads to market any business, any size.
The RS Lead Extractor the must-have utility tool for businesses which allows you to find the business leads you are looking for, such as business name, address, email, website, phone number, etc.
The new RS Lead Extractor Pro is a must have B2B software for business marketers who can get targeted business leads in just few seconds. The awesome piece of software allows you to search targeted keyword and location to be searched for business leads and our program will collect business information such as business name, address, phone, website, email etc.
RS Lead Extractor Pro is added with many features such as auto saves of extracted leads on specified interval, multi threaded design, proxy support, export wizard and more.
The new RS Lead Extractor Pro is an upgraded version of RS Lead Extractor standard version.


  • Refined Simple Search:Quick, and easy to use, just enter your targeted keyword and location you want to search and click on search then our program will collect business information right away.
  • Multi Search Processor:You can add multiple search keywords as you want and then the program will process one at a time and complete one by one. You can also use keyword generator features to collect all the leads in a country or city etc.
  • Proxy Support:RS Lead Extractor Pro might required proxy to connect internet on some case as most of the request sent are to search engines. So there are possibility your IP might get blocked by such search engines, website, etc. To prevent such action you can use proxy server. The user need to manually enter valid proxy IP address and port that to be used.
  • Multithread searchRS Lead Extractor Pro is designed to works in multithread mode to extract leads quickly.
  • User Friendly:Anyone can use this program. It is set up to be quick and easy to learn for everyone, so whether your first or eightieth time using it you’ll get your results fast.
  • Online Update:Receive online notification whenever updates are available and you have the choice whether to update it or not.
  • Auto Save:The new version of Lead Extractor Pro have an additional option to auto save extracted leads automatically in specified interval.
  • Filter:RS Lead Extractor having different filter option which you can make use of it to get customized results. The following filters are available
  • – Skip leads if phone is not available
  • – Skip leads if website is not available
  • – Skip leads if email is not available
  • – Remove duplicate by phone numbers
  • Export Wizard:You can export leads in various format
  • – Microsoft Excel
  • – Microsoft Word
  • – Clipboard
  • – Text file (You can choose different format)

RS Lead Extractor Pro 4.1.22

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