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Local Rep Fire 1.0[/sociallocker]

  • Name : Local Rep Fire
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools
  • Price : $32
  • Homepage : SalePage

Software Finds Local Businesses With Negative Reviews, Ratings, Comments. Like Direct Mailing? The Software Makes A Professional PDF With All The Negative Comments, Address, Publishers Name For You To Send Directly! Export The Business Name, Address, Urls, Listings!
Even if you aren’t providing reputation management or would like to this is a great way to start off. And if your looking to land a client on a particular service this is a great way to capture full-on -attention and get them to respond to you fast!.


Local Repfire Introduction…

Google’s business “Review” section gets about 100 + million monthly visitors and 57 million reviews for a variety of local businesses. With the rise of smartphone ownership, finding and leaving business reviews on the go has never been more convenient. This is a mixed blessing for local small businesses. A great online review can bring more customers in. On the other hand, if the business is having an off day and someone posts a bad review. It could linger online for weeks to years and potentially turn away hundreds to thousands of potentials customers.

But what can customers legally say about the business?

What if the review is untrue or exaggeration? Then, it might be considered libelous and slanderous depending on the parameters of the review. Libel and slander are the acts of making untrue statements about the other, which damages his or her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it’s slander. Customers can write an opinion like, “I felt the quality of the hamburger was bad” but they cannot say, “the meat in my hamburger must have been road kill”. An opinion is passable, stating a falsehood as fact isn’t.

Consultants dream client…

At the end of the day this goes beyond just helping the business with the reputation and removing negative comments off the web. But in a sense it’s a great way for you to come in and get the business back where it needs to be. Because if their reputation isn’t fixed they could be losing out on tons of business and that comes with consequences and could even go out of business.

Here’s how we are going to come in and help get these businesses back to where they need to be with “LOCAL REPFIRE” – local reputation management lead finder.

Local Repfire is an extremely easy to use software that goes out and does all the work for you. It finds only reputation management leads “But only leads with extremely bad reviews, ratings and comments”. The software retrieves this information and displays it all on grid format. And it also provides you with (ratings) (Comments) and other important information you need to contact that business such as name, phone numbers, urls. There’s even a really cool PDF generator that compiles all the bad reviews gathers all the business information so that you can send it to the business directly saving you a ton of time via direct mail or email.

And theres more…

The beauty to this is even if you aren’t providing “Reputation Management” services you can leverage this as good way to land potential prospects and capture there full attention. Imagine if you received a letter via direct mail or email how would you feel? It would put you in a state of shock and you would call the person rite up.

We are making this LOCAL REPFIRE available just to our supporters this weekend and do not intend on going public with it. So just this weekend you can grab a single user copy for $22 or unlimited users copy for $32 (training will be provided via over the shoulder video) in the members area.

This is with out a doubt no brainer and a powerhouse for local consultants and agencies!

Local Rep Fire 1.0[/sociallocker]

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