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Yelp Consultant 2.0.3[/sociallocker]

  • Name : Yelp Consultant
  • Version : 2.0.3
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools
  • Price : $37
  • Homepage : SalePage

Yelp Consultant Software Finds Unclaimed Yelp Listings And Lets You Choose The Type Of Leads You Want By Ratings. And Because This Is A Yelp Approved Software You’ll Have Access To Comments Made By Consumers And Other Important Data!


Yelp is the go to place for every consumer including myself. Before I go anywhere the first place I look is yelp. Why yelp? Like anyone else I like to make sure that any restaurant, spa or gyms I decide to go to meet my expectations. And that’s exactly what the general consumer is expecting as well. It’s human nature to want the best things out of life and in today’s time that go to place is yelp.

But what happens when a business gets repeatedly gets hit with bad reviews?

Yep you guessed it! It shows rite on google. And any potential customers that look up the business will see that the business isn’t doing well. So what the potential customer is going to do is try another service that offers the same thing but at a better quality.

And what if the listing is unclaimed?

As I mentioned very earlier yelp is the #1 place for the general eye to go and seek out the business before attendance. Even if the business is with in proximity it doesn’t matter. If the business has not been claimed or has no reviews I would probably turn away.

Consumers turning away…

No business wants that. So we built a solutions that has been approved by yelp!

It’s called “YELP CONSULTANT” and it find unclaimed businesses on yelp and lets you sort out businesses by start rating like never before.

Bad Mouthing…

Yeas “YELP CONSULTANT” gets you all of the bad comments bad on the business listing so you can export it via CSV.

We are consultants and we need everything possible to be able to turn these potential prospects into client fast. So yelp was kind enough to provide us with a full load of data you can use in your business to come in an help these businesses.

You control the data you need from yelp!

Sort Out Business Ratings
Over 1000 Business Records
Bad Comments Available Via CSV
Find Unclaimed Listing
Phone Numbers
Complete Mailing Address
And tons more DATA available for you at your control!

We can’t wait for you to start using this software in your local consulting business.

We are making it available to our customers only just this week. You can grab a single license for $17 or go big with unlimited installations for only $37. Don’t forget theres a 2 day Yelp Consultant intensive training you don’t want to miss out on.

Yelp Consultant 2.0.3[/sociallocker]

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