Get Local Keyword Digger 2.4.2

Local Keyword Digger 2.4.2

  • Name : Local Keyword Digger
  • Version : 2.4.2
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Local Marketing Tools, SEM Rush Tools, Spy Fu Tools
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

So I created a tool that would quickly go into Google and scrape the related keywords–including SEM Rush and Spy Fu.
It does all that annoying tinkering for me.
I call it Local Keyword Digger–It’s My Marketing “Microwave” For Rapid Keyword Research That Actually Converts!
Let me explain it to you before you freak out. Local Keyword Digger is a simple, and easy to use application that will make the process of doing keyword research easy.


  • Easily grab your clients faster results, leading to them referring you a month’s worth of new business- or more.
  • Give you bank permission to cash more checks in your name more often—
  • Find the low-hanging fruit others are not seeing, and get longer-paying clients to boot!
  • Reviews of the latest software my team uses–optional but we wanted to give you this as a sweetener.
  • Trained For Free: You’ll get MASSIVE shortcuts, tips and insider knowledge that almost defines common sense! Interviews Of Other Successful Offline Marketers is what I’m bringing to you…
  • Instant Access to me grilling special guests –This training will jump you up to the next level without having the scars to go with it!
  • … and if there’s something you feel is missing, you just let me know and chances are we’ll cover it during one of the monthly webinars.

Local Keyword Digger 2.4.2

Local Keyword Digger 2.4.2


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