Get Explaindio Video FX 1.19 Pro

Explaindio Video FX 1.19 Pro

  • Name : Explaindio Video FX
  • Version : 1.19 Pro
  • OS : Windows/MAC/Linux
  • Type : Video Creator Tools
  • Price : $97
  • Homepage : SalePage

Video marketing has become the norm today. Explaindio Video FX is a software developed to facilitate creation of high quality videos even if you lack video production skills. The software was created by Todd Gross and was released in 2014 . He is a recognized TV marketing consultant, internet and expert marketer.

Explaindio Video FX is a hybrid of two software, VideoMakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro. Videos created using Explaindio Video FX contain full motion, white sketch board and animation elements. This means that the software sketches and creates videos from animations. In addition to that, the videos are of high quality.

Explaindio Video FX Transforms Any Mediocre Looking Video Into An Eye Catching Blockbuster That Skyrockets Conversion From Viewers To Subscribers And Buyers..


1. Animated video creator, to enable you to design advanced animated videos.
2. Standard whiteboard suitable for videos for any profession. You can select pictures from which you create whiteboard scribe and sketches.
3. Full high definition behind animations for business marketing.
4. Pre-made slide packages, images and projects that complete for you to choose from.
5. Importing tools so you can include slides from other software. You can then edit the videos putting in your message.
6. A library with 31 sketch hands and characters which you can borrow from when creating your videos.
7. Professional video templates. Making videos to look professional and enticing.
8.High definition video backgrounds which can be enabled for all animation types.

Who is the target user for Explaindio Video FX?

1. Advertisement agents, who can use the software to develop videos for their clients. The videos made on the software are of high quality. Explaindio Video FX makes videos for any business, therefore it is an added advantage since there is no limit to the customer base. The videos take little time to make hence you can attend to many clients.

2. Product owners can create videos to promote their commodities. You can make a short animated video highlighting your products and their benefits. The software is simple to use and does not require skill hence it saves you money that you would have used in hiring other people to make the video for you.

3. Anyone required to make a video presentation. Creating a video takes less than an hour when using Explaindio Video Fx and it allows video articulation. You will exceed your audiences expectations with your presentation.

4. Business persons are encouraged to use video marketing. The software can help you make money by creating professional business videos such as demos, marketing and product development. With its features you need not have visual of the video presenter but have their voice over the video background. You can also use it to create video reviews. The videos can then be posted on YouTube and other sites.


Explaindio Video FX 1.19 Pro

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