Get Live Stream Alpha 2.12 Bulk Campaign Multiplier

Live Stream Alpha 2.12 BCE

  • Name : Live Stream Alpha
  • Version : X 1.35 + Bulk Campaign Multiplier 2.12
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : YouTube Live Events Bot – Facebook Live Bot – Daily Motion Live Bot
  • Price : $400
  • Homepage : SalePage

Live Stream Pre Recorded Videos To 3 Top Platforms For Fast Rankings & Traffic!
Our New Tool Live Steams Existing Videos To YouTube Live Events, Daily Motion & Facebook!
Connect With The Top 3 Popular Live Steaming Platforms!
Live Stream “Pre-Recorded” Videos
YouTube Live Events – Facebook Live – Daily Motion Live


  • YouTube Live Events : YouTube Live Events helps Your Videos Rank Faster. You Can Choose From Advanced Options Made Click Button Simple For Silos, Linkwheels & Tiered Linking Using Pre Recorded Videos!
  • Daily Motion : Daily Motion is a High traffic Site that ranks REALLY well, and they also offer Live Streaming.Just Set Up Your Campaign And Stream Your Videos!
  • Facebook Live Stream : Facebook Live Steam Is Typically Done Via Smart Phones, Now You Can Stream Right From Live Stream Alpha & Drive More Traffic With Facebook’s New Live Steam Feature Effortlessly!

Simplify Your Live Stream Video Marketing Campaign Today!

  • Advanced Video SEO :We have built in advanced video SEO and made it as simple as checkboxing options when you are setting up your live stream campaigns. This is “push button easy” SEO made as effortless you will ever see!Choose from streaming as unlisted, public, add silos, linkwheel, tiered linking, instant pinging and Indexing just by ticking the checkboxes for each!You can even add different video intros and CTA outro’s to every video in one click!
  • Video Spinning & Bulk Upload : Want to figure out what keyword phrases rank with no backlinks?…Just load up one video to your campaign, add hundreds of prases, choose which youtube channels to use and click start.Each video will be a different size and you can even add difeent thumbnails to each in one click!
  • Web 2.0 Video Embedding : We have added or web 2.0 one click bulk account creator that creates hundreds of web 2.0 accounts in minutes and posts using your live stream video embed code.Instant indexing and pinging as well as tiered linking, silos and linkwheels options added too!
  • RSS Xtreme : Our RSS Xtreme tool pulls in 86 YouTube url versions and creates short urls from those also, mashes the urls into one feed and syndicates for powerful video sundication in just a few clicks!
  • LongTail Buyer Keywords Generator : This tool uses the 3 key elements to any buyer intent keyword, combines them into hundreds of variations and a simple click can be added into titles, descriptions using automated spintax or shortcodes!This literally helps you dominate niches on demand.
  • Auto Scheduling : Run everything on autopilot with multiple campaigns. This is a multi threaded tool to simplify your life and allow you to post with time delays, spin your titles and description, add different thumbnails to every video and keep every video unique!

Unique Marketing Strategy Tools Built In…

  • Traffic Redirect Tool : With this tool you can create a cloaked URL and change the destination of that cloaked URL using 301 Redirect. This means you can now effectively redirect your entire backlink campaigns in seconds.This is perfect if doing launch Jacking for example:)
  • Expired Domain Finder : This tool searches YouTube for video with high traffic or rankings with domains that are no longer being used but are available to buy for around $10.00!This works by searching keywords in bulk, it will indicate if a URL is available to purchase the same second that it discovers the broken link!…This is a Major Time Saver!
  • Amazon Affiliate Tool : This Tool Will Monitor Amazon for NEW Products & let you curate from the product description, specs reviews and find videos on Amazon product listing or or YouTube for this exact product, which you can then send to the live stream tool and upload for fast rankings with your affiliate ID and link added automatically!

Some Quick Tips:
YouTube Live Streaming…
Please do not use proxies with YouTube live events or with Feedburner when using RSS X as Google will flag your location.

Facebook Live Streaming…
Do not spam facebook with your main facebook account, use facebook for your best quality videos only and focus on driving traffic to main money videos, do not use for creating multipleversions of the same video for the sake of backlinks on facebook or you may lose your facebook accounts!
Always add retargeting to your facebook pages
This tool works with multiple facebook pages but will upload only one at a time.

Live Stream Alpha 2.12 BCE

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