Get Tube Automator 7.3

Tube Automator 7.3

  • Name : Tube Automator
  • Version : 7.3
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Youtube Marketing Tools
  • Price : $147
  • Homepage : SalePage

Tube Automator, automates your daily marketing tasks and unlike other youtube marketing software in the market, it goes beyond the limits imposed by YouTube.
So you are in total control, and can run the software conservatively or go all out. We don’t judge and don’t impose any restrictions.
Tube Automator can run in the background while you work on your computer on other taks or even while you sleep.
Most of our customers have purchased Tube Automator for one of these 2 reasons.
1. They want to get their videos more popular and aim to profit indirectly from the traffic. Rock band and musicians fall into this category
2. The second type of customers are those who either have their own product or service, or are promoting somebody elses product or service as an affiliate.


  • No restrictions as we don’t rely on the YouTube API
  • Comment Scraper to scrape comments from other videos
  • Scraping all commentors From A Channel, great way to find a popular channel and get a ton of targeted leads
  • Automated Contact Requesting
  • Automated Commenting
  • Automated Subscribing
  • Appends random sentences to comments to make each comment unique and prevents it from automatically getting flagged as spam
  • Sending messages from Multiple Accounts in rotation to ensure maximum delivery
  • Finding thousands of videos based on keyword and posting your advertisements as comments on these videos using multiple accounts in rotation
  • Live Account Checker, to weed out inactive accounts
  • Send delays to make make it look like a live human
  • Supports public and private proxies which are used in rotation to make it looks like the comments, likes and subscriptions are coming from across the world
  • Super fast multithreaded application that doesn’t use slow browser based interfaces like the competition
  • Automated wait and resume, when any account hits hourly limits imposed by YouTube

Step 1: Target

In this step we search for people who would be interested in our videos or what we are promoting in those videos. Tube Automator has 2 primary ways to find such people who you can later market to.

Step 2: Automate

The second step is to use our automation tools to contact the people you collected. You do this by having Tube Automator adding these people are Contacts, Messaging them,and post Comments. This will bring people to your Channel and Videos ultimately increasing your video views and exposure on YouTube.

The other automation option is to let Tube Automator add thousands of likes, comments and subscribes to your own video making it look popular in the eyes of youtube.

Step 3 Profit:

This is the step where we teach you how to make most of the traffic that you have got to your videos.
Tube Automator 7.3

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