Get Tube Jeet 3.05

Tube Jeet 3.05

  • Name : Tube Jeet
  • Version : 3.05
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Video Market Research,Youtube analytics
  • Price : $26
  • Homepage : SalePage

Dominate your Youtube market!
Tube Jeet is a video market research and analytics application that can help you make your Youtube channel more profitable by making keyword and niche research a piece of cake. You can perform a variety of keywords anlaytics, rank keywords, and track channels.
Tube Jeet is a unique Video Market Research tool that gives you the right keywords for your videos, helps you monitor your niche and competitors, and lets you track Youtube videos so that you know exactly what you need for maximum views and earnings on Youtube.


“How Tube Jeet Will Bring You YouTube Success!”

  • Find the keywords to target easily, and drill down into related keywords to find more and more of them!
  • Do a quick search and find the top videos on Youtube for any keyword. Get their keywords, titles, descriptions in a flash and learn from their ideas.
  • Check out the performance stats of any video on Youtube.
  • Make sets of Youtube videos and keep and track their performance. See how each video stacks up against the other.
  • Discover the strategies of trail-blazing videos that get the most views and revenue.
  • Find videos and channels that you can target through keywords and appear on their ‘Related videos’ list.
  • Discover the keywords and phrases that work best in your video descriptions and titles.
  • Boost the views and performance of your new videos so that they turn into superstars bringing you revenue month after month.

Tube Jeet 3.05

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