Get Tube Scraper 1.22

Tube Scraper 1.22

  • Name : Tube Scraper
  • Version : 1.22
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Youtube Marketing Tools
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

What is Tube Scraper?

It is a tool we created to quickly determine what keywords we want to target with youtube videos. The tool will show you the number of results or competing videos on YouTube for each keyword you import. It also shows you if videos are displayed on the first page of google for each keyword and the exact position. Then for extra kicks and giggles we decided to show the number of views, likes and comments on the number 1 video on youtube. With all this information at your fingertips for your imported keyword lists you will know exactly which keywords you want to make videos for and rank page 1 on Google and YouTube.


  • 1. Import a keyword list. We recommend using GAKT (Google Adwords Keyword Tool). If you use GAKT you will also import the local traffic, global traffic and the average cpc. This data is only available if you import it. Using all other methods of importing will not display that info.
  • 2. Run tube scraper. It supports proxies as well as for solving captchas. These are not required to use the tool though. You can slow it down to reduce the risk of being banned or having to answer captchas. However we do recommend paid private proxies for best results. This is explained in the video below.
  • 3. You are then presented with the following results for each keyword in your list.
  • Number of video results on youtube (competition)
  • If videos are on page 1 of google and the position
  • Number of views of top youtube video
  • Number of likes of the top youtube video
  • Number of comments of the top youtube video
  • Then this is all next to the local traffic, global traffic and estimated cpc if you imported a gakt csv file!

Tube Scraper 1.22

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