Get Tube Detonator 1.6.0

Tube Detonator 1.6.0

  • Name : Tube Detonator
  • Version : 1.6.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Youtube Keyword Research Tools
  • Price : $12
  • Homepage : SalePage

Youtube traffic analytics to make your traffic explode!
Tube Detonator is a unique tool that gives you keyword ranking data from Google and Youtube to help you discover profitable niches and find out how difficult or easy it is to rank for a particular keyword.


  • Discover untapped and low competition video keywords
  • Check the keywords potential on Google and Youtube
  • Capture your niche by maximizing your organic traffic
  • Google is the world’s biggest search engine, and returns Video results as an integral part of the web results.
  • Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine, where most searches are conducted after Google.
  • Google and Youtube are closely related, owned by the same company – Google!
  • Tube Detonator is the only application that combines the twin impact of Google & Youtube.
  • Analyze Youtube and Google together to gain the best understanding of which keywords to target for best traffic!
  • Get traffic analysis and estimates for keywords, and also find out how hard it will be to rank for any keyword on Google and Youtube.

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