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Gmail Account Spinner

For all of you people that use gmail accounts, this handy little program will take your gmail account and create all possible combinations of it using dots in the name. As you are already aware (and if you are not, now you learn it) when we use gmail we can add dots to the username part and forums will treat the email as a new email, but google will ignore the dots.


[email protected] and [email protected] is the same account for google gmail but forums will consider it as 2 separate accounts. That way you can use one gmail and have 1000s of addresses to you for your blasts.

This comes in really handy People, If you have to make up a lot of false email addresses,
this will do it for you with-in 1 sec

http://www.virustotal.com/file-scan/report.html?id=8f7f72f6fc8b4de003edcaaad024017acdb 585f4bca91a63a029eed76eda2a40-1300542714]VirusTotal Result: 0 /43 – 0.0%[/URL]

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