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Inspyder OrFind 5.1.2[/sociallocker]

  • Name : InSpyder OrFind
  • Version : 5.1.2
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Orphan Analysis Website
  • Price : $49
  • Homepage : SalePage

OrFind 5 – It’s never been easier to detect and remove unused files on your website.
Orphan Analysis for any Website
Find and remove unused files on your webserver.OrFind is a powerful desktop tool to easily detect and remove unlinked (or “orphaned”) files from your website. OrFind works by checking every link on your website and comparing those links to the files stored on your server. The result is a clear view of the files your website uses (accessible files) and which ones it does not (orphaned files).
As your website is updated over the years, old and unused files build up like dust. These files waste space, create security risks and cause SEO problems. Finding out which files are needed and which can be removed is no simple task; fortunately OrFind is here to help.


  • Unlimited Site Size
  • Crawl Password Protected Pages
  • Integrated FTP, SFTP and FTPS client
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • Unlimited Project Configurations
  • Up to 25 Crawler Threads
  • PDF Report Designer
  • PDF, Excel and CSV Reports
  • Backup and Delete Orphan Files
  • How Orphans Analysis Works
  • Find Unlinked Files
  • Find Unused Images
  • Find Unlinked Pages
  • Find Unused Stylesheets

Inspyder OrFind 5.1.2[/sociallocker]

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