Get Redfly Keyword Management Tool 1.1.0

Redfly Keyword Management Tool 1.1.0

  • Name : Redfly Keyword Management Tool
  • Version : 1.1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Bot Creator
  • Price : $0
  • Homepage : SalePage

TheRedFly Keyword Manager Tool enables you to quickly and easily create keyword lists for Google AdWords, allowing you to batch modify and manipulate your keywords efficiently and easily. This tool reduces formatting errors and can endlessly expand your keyword lists by giving you the tools to batch add and remove terms, including misspellings. Designed to work with Google AdWords keyword matching options, however this tool can also be used to create keyword lists for other search based advertising programs.


  • Delete duplicate keywords.
  • Delete keywords that contain a specific term, in a specific location within said keyword.
  • Delete keywords with a certain number of words.
  • Remove repeated spaces or repeated characters.
  • Remove unwanted characters, such as line feed, carriage returns and tabs.
  • Remove character sets such as punctuations or all non alpha-numeric characters.
  • Remove terms from the start of keywords.
  • Add words to the start or end of keywords.
  • Search and replace terms in a keyword list.
  • Convert to lowercase or uppercase.
  • Create misspellings – choose from duplicate characters, swapped characters, missing characters and qwerty keyword errors.
  • Replace words and retain original keywords using the Replace Words and Duplicate option.
  • Assign Google AdWords keyword matching options to keywords.
  • Highlight keywords containing specific keywords or with a certain number of words.
  • Import and export keyword lists to text files.
  • Export with commas separating each keyword.

Who is this for?

  • Any PPC manager who needs to batch modify keyword lists.
  • Any Google AdWords user that wants to make better use of the keywords suggested to them by Google.
  • Any search based advertising user that wants more control when editing or creating keyword lists.
  • Any SEO who wants to create lists of keyword tags.
  • Any digital marketing agency who uses programmatic tools for their Google AdWords management.

Redfly Keyword Management Tool 1.1.0

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