7 Ways To Get An Extra Sale Today

Welcome back to the AwesomeWeb Series.

Last time, I asked the guys the number one design feature your website may be missingBecause people are quick to judge based on your appearance, and the same is true when it comes to website design.

If you’re site’s ugly, you’re not going to sell as much. Which brings us to our second question in the series…

How to generate an extra sale today! 

In order to makes sales at will, it’s important to understand who your target audience is. And if you don’t understand your prospect, you won’t sell him anything. 

Get to know what motivates them and truly listen. Keep in mind people don’t particularly care about you online. This is why you need to show them you truly care to form a lasting (profitable) relationship.

Once you do, you’ll be able to utilize the following methods over and over for a lifetime of sales.

If you had to get an extra sale today, how would you get it?

Email Your List


Contributed by Brian Moran

I would email my list. Simple as that.

It’s the easiest way to sell products.

If you don’t have a list, I would focus on creating one. It’s the only way you can control your own destiny as a marketer.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Contributed by Tom Lambert

Paid advertising. I’m 100% behind creating a holistic traffic strategy that leverages all of the different channels we have available to us as digital marketers (social, email, affiliates, etc.) but paid ads will always be the quickest way to make a sale.

In under an hour I can design my ads, write my copy, build and launch an ad campaign for as little as $5/day.

Within a few hours (depending on the ad network) my ads will be live and pushing targeted traffic to my website.

No other digital marketing channel has that type of on/off switch with such a small barrier to entry. If you’re just getting started with paid ads make sure that you’re testing everything from your creative & copy to your landing pages to your ad targeting.

I’ve never worked in a niche or vertical that I can’t make paid ads profitable in after some fine tuning and testing.

Email Your List

Aweber Screenshot

Contributed by Dainis Graveris
If I had to get an extra sale today I would definitely use my email list and send an email out. It’s the easiest way to make money instantly.
Even better, I would approach some past advertisers and offer to send out a promotional email to my list if I was really in need of money. But generally I like writing affiliate articles, while providing huge value and passively making extra income throughout the month.

Contact An Existing Client

meeting clients

Contributed by Nicholas Tart

Most of my work to this point has been freelancing as a WordPress designer and developer. For me, I would contact an existing client and recommend that I do or fix something on their site.

I’d give them an hourly estimate and they’d give me the go-ahead. I’ve been fortunate to never have a marketing problem for that side of my business. For three years I’ve had as much work as I can handle.
The challenge is finding the best clients and working on projects that I’m passionate about.
One of the principles that Ben Jesson, from Conversion Rate Experts, taught me was that if you can’t sell something to someone on the street, you can’t sell to them online. CRE’s process starts with interviewing past customers to figure out why they bought, what benefits sold the product, and what it would take for them to buy again.
Then they use that information as the basis for every conversion decision that they make. When we’re online we tend to lose sight of the fact that a sale is still a person-to-person transaction.

Email Your List

Josh email

Contributed by Josh Dunlop

Well you can always email your list, but that will inevitably burn them if all you’re doing is selling.

If I wanted to sustain my list, while making sales, I’d turn to Facebook Ads. I have a pretty well converting sequence set up, so I’d try and spend a couple hundred dollars in ads during the day, and make it back plus a little extra within 24 hours.
I usually see my money back pretty quickly, then the profit comes from the people I sell to later on in the sequence.

Publish An Article & Set Google Alerts

Google AlertsContributed by David Aston 

If I needed to get an extra sale today and assuming my list has already been emailed, I’d write an article with a plug to whatever it is I’m selling.

After publishing the post containing links to the product I need to sell, I’d set up Google alerts. These Google Alerts will notify me when anybody enters a keyphrase relating to my article topic.

Then I’ll leave a comment answering whatever question the user had, while subtly inserting a link to the article in my signature. You can also immediately jump on Yahoo Answers and search open questions relating to the problem you, your product, or article is solving.

After each question you genuinely answer, leave the link to the “money page” in your resource box. In the past, this has instantly driven multiple sales and hundreds of extra unique visitors to my sites.

Make sure you’re not being “spammy” and actually offering value. If you’re primary focus is only on the sale and not delivery of valuable insight, your prospect will sense this and not purchase.

Use Somebody Else’s List

Clickbank Marketplace

Contributed by Michael Dunlop

If I had to make a sale today and I was desperate to make it?? and I couldn’t use an already existing list?

Then I would use someone else’s list. Here’s an example of how I would see it going down:

I have a health ebook that I sell. To find affiliates, the simplest thing you can do is to head over to Clickbank.

Clickbank is a shoppingcart/merchant. It has a marketplace where it displays all it’s users in categories, in order of most successful.

So I would go to the health area, find other people who have products and I would email every single person there till I got the yes I needed.

Don’t just ask for someone to promote you. Do something to stand out:

  • Customise your sales page to mention the affiliate to increase conversions.
  • Do a guest post for their blog.
  • Be interviewed for their site.
  • Offer them a decent cut of the sale. Info products don’t really cost the vendor much, it’s nearly all profit. So offer them 50% – 75% of the sale. You wouldn’t have the sale without them. You could also include scarcity here, for example, 75% affiliate commissions, today only!
  • Offer to reciprocate the promotion. Later on you agree to promote them. This is only cool if they have a decent product. Most people just agree to do this not caring what they have to promote, just so that they can make a sale. Don’t be this person.
  • Come up with a reason for the late notice promotion. For example… Late notice 24 hour fire sale, buy quick!!! Big discounts! I see people freak on tax day and do 24 hour sales to pay what they owe in tax and they use this reason for the sale and it works!

Everyone is always looking for something to sell. Just remember that. 

7 Things to do right now to make an extra sale.

  1. Open an Aweber account, set up your first squeeze page and send your first email sequence.
  2. Head over to Clickbank’s marketplace, find products in the same category as you and reach out to respective owners for a jv.
  3. Set up PopUp Domination and increase your optins by overs 500% overnight. In order to gain opt-ins, you’ll need to give something of value away – video, app, audio, eBook, eCourse, etc.
  4. Write an awesome, valued filled article/blog post and recommend a product or service within. Set up google alerts relating to the problem your article solves. Respond to the google alerts with more value and leave the link to your post in the signature or resource box.
  5. Reach out to an existing client and create  a sale. Figure out why they bought before, what benefits sold the product, and what it would take for them to buy again.
  6. Set up a paid advertising campaign as this is often one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a sale online.
  7.  Write an article of huge value and insert affiliate links cleverly within. Then email your list about the article. Simple.

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