10 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Any Money Online Yet

Wondering Why You Haven’t Made Any Money Online?

My biggest site to date has been RetireAt21.com – which has received millions of visitors! I often come across big name marketers, bloggers and even the odd guru who told me they started their make money online journey at RetireAt21.com which is of course quite amazing and humbling considering I was a teenager and seriously dyslexic at the time.

Recently I was speaking to one of my readers from those early days and I asked them why did RetireAt21.com help them so much. His answer surprised me a little – but it appears my Richest Young Internet Entrepreneurs post inspired him so much he would come back twice a day to look at the same post – as he wanted to be on that list so much!

There are loads of reasons I could of added to this post such as, Everyone’s trying to be something they’re not, Wasting To Much Doing Rubbish and so many more.

Well it is nice to know people like your content — but more importantly it is essential that people take action on your content. Reading a post is great and FOCUSING on success is essential but unless you take action on that FOCUS you are wasting your time / day dreaming.

1. You are too busy complaining about other people

This is No1. for a lot of reasons, despite my young age, I have been in business for 7 years now and have enjoyed it but a few times a year you are going to come across complete IDIOTS – honestly, no better words for them. Here are some great examples:

– You hire someone to do a job, they don’t do it but still want to get paid, you said NO! So they go to all your competitor blogs and forums and message about you being a scammer – you clearly are not one and they ripped you off however you end up paying them because you want the madness to end and they still think they are right.

– You create a HUGE forum, beat all your competitors in a very little time and so they gang up on you and hack your forum day after day till you leave.

– You tell a close work colleague your online business idea so that they will promote it and instead they go of and create it themselves because they are GREEDY!

– You do a 10x bigger job for someone than anyone else but at the regular price and they still complain and don’t appreciate your work. (that annoyed me the most, there is just no helping some people!)

I’m just like most of you guys, when these things happen, I hit the fan, I go crazy but the thing is, all that time you are complaining about these idiots, going crazy, thinking about getting revenge etc YOU are not building your business. Fortunately for me I come to my senses fairly quickly and get on with what I should be doing which is Building my business rather than being bothered by small minded people who frankly will never make much of their lives anyway.

2. You are Too Busy Being a Douche

I was at one of the many events I go to every year and one guy in the audience decided it wasn’t for him so he refunded after the first day. (as per the offer the organizer made when people signed up). I have no issue with that individual requesting a refund – but when they then take a picture of themselves holding the refund cheque and Tweet it – they are behaving like a complete douche in my opinion

This guy wasn’t prepared to listen, learn and ultimately make more money because when it came down to it – he was to busy trying to be a jackass. Focus on yourself and stop wasting your time thinking about other people.

Here’s Another One: So often people like to point out my bad spelling because they really don’t have much going on in their business, leave me alone and focus on yourself. (I know some of you do it in a nice way but honestly, we all know I can’t spell already)

3. You buy every single product, crap ones included

There’s nothing wrong with buying lot’s of product, myself, my friends and even the top gurus in the world spend $100,000’s a year on their own training. The problem comes when you buy EVERY single one and you get confused because some will contradict each other because their teaching you different things. If your into blogging, buy all the blogging books, but don’t then buy into all the product creation books, affiliate marketing, facebook marketing etc if your not ready to even implement what you have learn’t. Get an idea of where you want to go and the work out how to get their – that’s exactly how I go about it and if Facebook marketing isn’t included in my plan then I don’t buy the products.

4. You go to every single FREE seminar

I myself go to a couple a year as I find it gets me excited again and I love hearing how they pitch from stage as it really is an art form. But some people go to EVERY single one and frankly if your spending all this time going to free events that have the soul purpose of pitching you something, when will you get time to implement?

5. You’ve Been Pitched Crap | Your Teachers Have Got It Wrong

There are some people (‘gurus’) teaching rubbish or selling ‘systems’ that went out of date in 2002 – often at ‘FREE’ seminars. Unfortunately some people as per my example above get so caught up in the PITCH and want out of the rat-race so much they BUY — but ultimately never take action. The thing is, so many people are DESPERATE to ESCAPE the rat race that they will believe anything and I don’t blame them. Don’t misunderstand — not all “gurus’ are scammers – far from it, but as you can tell I personally have an issue with so called FREE seminars that are nothing more than Pitch Fests!

I do believe in Karma — and if you knew how little these so called ‘millionaires’ really made you wouldn’t buy their products either.

Here’s another great example:

Twitter and Facebook make it easy for people to get noticed and connect with other people. Some idiot obviously made a product teaching people spamming is effective because it seems anyone who can’t make money decides to spam us on social sites with offers we don’t want and they do it in a very unappealing way. Don’t ever tweet me an offer because I will not take an notice of you and I would really recommend you find out more about your teacher. For example, I was at an event recently where a lady was teaching how to make $10,000 a month with Twitter and a friend of mine told me she said she only made $8,000 a month, now if shes willing to admit she makes $8,000 she probably makes closer to $5,000 and that could be a one of? Look for someone with a great track record and lot’s of social proof.

6. You are Lying To People

This one goes out to some people I know off that think they run with the big name gurus. Listen, the reason your still broke is because your lying to your audience, you don’t make millions a year, you don’t get 100,000s of visitors to your site and you don’t live on your own private island where you work from your laptop on the beach. Your audience are NOT, I repeat, ARE NOT dumb, so when you try to teach them how you supposedly did something, most people can tell when you actually know jack shit (can I really swear on my own blog?!?!) about it!

7. You are Forever Copying Someone else

So copying isn’t a bad thing, I actually tell my students to copy me because, I have tried it, tested it and it works so why not share the love, right? The problem is, when people copy a whole system without fully understand how it works. Remember from reason 1 and I mentioned a colleague who stole my idea that I showed him, well I really got the last laugh because he would of gone of, spent a few days copying my product and I actually found out how much he made, ZERO, Zilch, Nothing! The reason was simple, he had no right doing the same thing, just like number 6, if you don’t know something about a subject, then don’t try to teach it because your readers will notice.

8. You are Too Busy Dreaming Small to Ever Dream Big

We all know the big money comes when you do big things so why are you wasting your time thinking small? Here’s an example for you, when creating IncomeDiary I could have niched it down and made it only about driving traffic to a blog, sure I would of got some traffic and a following but nothing like I have today. Instead I went for the whole niche, Blogging and now even opened up to blogging about Income Online in general.  That’s a tip right there, always make sure you know where your going, don’t enter a niche if you can’t scope it out and go REALLY big. If I become the top site for Online Income, I would be on the level with BusinessWeek and Entrepreneur.com – definitely where the big boys hang out.

9. You are Not Prepared To Listen

Around 15 months ago I met a reader of my site, I told him a few things that should help him make money online. A year later, I see this guy again and he’s still not doing anything online but is writing mad amounts of notes at a seminar just like the year before. I couldn’t bare to watch him waste his time so I grabbed him, took him to a quite area outside and got my laptop out and gave him a blueprint to what he needs to do to go big online, I found him an amazing domain (which I was quite jealous about but I already said he could have) and sent him off to go make it big! 1 week later he emails me telling me basically he’s doing something else online, which sounds to me like a really bad version of the idea I gave him, basically he decided to over complicated it.

10. You are Not Implementing

So the ones who actually do decide to listen to my great advice, where are they? Well of course I have some great students which makes it all worth it but I would have a lot more if EVERYONE implemented what I teach. If you are not prepared to implement, why bother learning?

Which of the above apply to you? What do you think is stopping you from making it big?

Adding more…

11. Your To Focused On What Other People Are Doing that You Don’t Focus On Yourself

Every day on my blogs I go to my comments and their is someone talking crap about me or my posts – if you don’t like it, LEAVE, go somewhere else! Stop focusing on making my life harder and instead work on yourself.

12. Your Trying To Do To Many Things

This one probably applies to the most us, if you try to do to many things you will end up lots of tiny websites that don’t make you any money. Focus on making one thing big, it doesn’t have to be your BIGGEST idea, you just need to see it through.

13. You Think Everything is Harder Then It Is

So many people don’t want to do things, including myself because you think it’s going to take a lot longer then you think or it’s really hard to do. Stop giving excuses and work out a way to do things – here’s a couple problems with solutions:

– A product will take me months to create – A: Create a 90 minute presentation offering your solution.

– Can’t Code a Site – A. Get someone else to do it for you.

It really can be that simple, don’t over think things.

14. Time

Real simple, MAKE TIME! I can handle my whole business with a hour a day if I have to.

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