10 Ways SamCart Will Increase Your Checkout Page Conversions

SamCart, a new SaaS product for digital marketers is something we’re really excited about. The brainchild of a very successful internet marketer, Brian Moran, of “Get 10,000 Fans”, SamCart was built from the ground up to be a tool internet marketers could count on to help move people through their funnels and close sales.

Starting with just Brian, his brother Scott and a couple of contractors, they have grown SamCart to a team of 15 and they are helping over 5,000 small businesses sell more of their stuff online.

Below, I will outline some of the best ways using SamCart has increased our conversions and why it’s our online shopping cart of choice!

10 Ways SamCart Will Increase Your Checkout Page Conversions

#1. Templates Library of High Converting Themes

We know a robust template library is super important for any business marketing online. While it is still in the early stages, SamCart features a template library of high converting checkout and upsell designs.

Each of their templates is hand designed by marketing professionals with years of experience in online sales and a great understanding of what sells in today’s online environment.

One awesome benefit of this is that as our customers use the various templates, we are able to see what works and doesn’t as they push traffic and conversions through the pages.

Basically, the more users and sales we move through SamCart, the more data we can gather on what’s working and what isn’t, and the better the product will become.

#2. One Click Upsells

1 click upsells

One of the biggest differences between SamCart and other checkout services is they offer something that no one else in the market does. One click upsells. What this means, is that after visitors have checked out on their first product, they can be presented with a series of upsell products that take a single click to buy and do not require any additional information.

One of their brands (Get 10,000 Fans) uses these upsells to turn $10.00 report sales into an average $50.00 in sales per customer. They do this by offering a smaller $10.00 product on the front end, and then upsell a more expensive product or two that compliment the needs the first product filled.

#3. Variable Elements

The majority of the elements on their checkout pages and upsells are customizable. What this means for you as a user is that it is incredibly easy to set up high impact split tests, as we’ll discuss in the next point.

#4. Split Testing

Proper split testing is a critical piece in optimizing a funnel.

Most successful digital marketers split test every single thing that they can. And now you can split test your checkout cart and upsells. SamCart supports split testing on both your checkout pages, and your upsell funnels. 

What this means for your business, is that if you are wondering, “Will a $97.00 product convert differently than a $197.00 product?”, you can split test the funnels. Meaning, half of your traffic will flow through one upsell process, while the other half uses another. One powerful insight we found from this was that our $97.00 upsell had the exact same conversion rate as the same product at $197.00. This nearly doubled our customer value.

#5. Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive

As many of you know, mobile traffic has been becoming a bigger and bigger part of your web traffic over the last 10 years. While this is great in that people are accessing you more frequently, from more places, it comes with its own set of challenges. The primary challenge, is that many websites and in particular, checkout options, do not play well with mobile devices.

Where SamCart addresses this is that all of our checkout and upsell funnels are mobile optimized. You will never lose sales because someone is trying to act quickly on an email offer they just received on their mobile. They are routinely seeing their customers improve overall conversion rates by 10-30% by having mobile ready checkouts.

#6. Quick Page Loads

Attention spans are shorter than ever. That’s why they prioritize a quick page load experience. What this does for your users is that it makes movement through the funnel as smooth as possible. We don’t want people getting distracted waiting for things to load. We want to make the most of the excitement we generate!

If page load time is an issue for you, I also highly recommend you check out MaxCDN.

#7. Branded Checkout Page Experience

Users who make it to a checkout page are sometimes presented with a page that looks nothing like what they have been experiencing up to this point with your brand. This can be a little bit jarring, and risks sucking a bit of the excitement out of them that you have worked so hard to maintain throughout your advertising campaign and funnel.

Where SamCart can help with this is that every one of their landing page templates is customizable, and designed to convert. No more generic carts, now your shopping cart can be as much a part of your marketing strategy as every other piece.

#8. Guarantees

Every SamCart checkout page comes with a section to post whatever guarantee you may have. This helps give your future customers a sense of security because if you are willing to refund them or have a similar guarantee, you are willing to stand behind your product.

Here’s a good article explaining the power of guarantees on conversion rate. 

#9. Bonus Section

As we in the digital marketing space know, having the right bonuses with your products can make or break an offer. That’s why the SamCart checkout pages are built with this specifically in mind. We want you to be building value for your customers from the the very first exposure, all the way through their purchase.

Each checkout page comes with a prominent section dedicated to reiterating your offers. Just think about a possible customer sitting in your checkout on the fence. Oftentimes, a reminder of what a great product and offer they are getting can be enough to get them to click that final submit button.

#10. Safety and Security

Rarely does a day pass without hearing about a company getting hacked, or losing their customer’s data. We know this is a big issue for online businesses like yours, so we made sure that security, and visibility of said security were a big part of the design. Every cart is SSL encrypted, meaning your customer’s data will be safe, and you will be able to confidently run your business.

SamCart has our vote. If you’re a digital marketer who sells products online, you’ll absolutely want to install SamCart sooner rather than later and you can get instant access by clicking here.

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