Get Curation Soft 3.94

Curation Soft 3.94

  • Name : Curation Soft
  • Version : 3.94
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Content Marketing Tools
  • Price : $97
  • Homepage : SalePage

Discover, Review and Curate Content from Google Blogs, News and Books, Google Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Wikipedia, ANY RSS Feed You Want and Much More.

Content curation is the process of sharing information on topics that people do a lot of searching for. It is about giving people a concise information, that you’ve carefully researched and organized into a blog post with your own commentary added.


Search, review, and curate content from:

  • Google Blog Search
  • Blekko Blog Search (spam-free results)
  • Google News
  • Blekko News (spam-free results)
  • YouTube
  • Twitter (popular tweets shown first)
  • Flickr
  • Any RSS feed (expand your source library)
  • Wikipedia Pages
  • Slideshare

With deep sources for text and rich media, as well as the ability to monitor any number of RSS feeds, CurationSoft offers you virtually unlimited content sources!
User Interface

Built for ease of use, CurationSoft’s interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

  • With YouTube you can control the results number of returned matches, relevance, upload date, view count, and rating.
  • You can fully search and post to Facebook Personal and Fanpages
  • You can now search Google Plus and Google Books as well
  • You can build fully featured ecommerce pages or product review
  • pages using Ebay and Amazon search results
  • With Twitter you can control the number of results to show and use the search function exactly as you would at Recent Retweets are shown and popular results show up first.
  • Google blogs settings allow you to choose how many results you’d like returned per search.
  • Flickr can return results by safety level, relevance, interest, or recency.
  • Image alignment now allows user to specify left, right or no alignment.
  • Flickr has a new gallery interface making review of results much faster. And it’s super fast!


Dock CurationSoft to one side of your desktop so it’s out of the way and that makes dragging content really simple.

Total Control

  • Search Your Post History
  • Add Your Own Favorites
  • Do Combined Searches
  • Auto Post to WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and Tumblr
  • Fully Featured Integrated Post Builder
  • Desktop software for Mac and PC
  • Drag and drop results to any web-based html editor
  • Full html, no javascript, for full search engine readability
  • Post anywhere: works on all blogging platforms and even Google+
  • Fully editable content. Drag-drop and tweak resulting content to your desired look and feel

Unlike any other curation software, CurationSoft allows you total control over your content from where you curate to how the final curation looks and feels.
Related Keywords

CurationSoft displays a row of related keywords for a search, giving users the ability to re-focus and refine searches to discover new content or to use as tags in your post.

Your previous searches are stored for later so you can simply start typing a previous search and CurationSoft will present a drop down of previous searches for one-click searching.
Generate Valuable Backlinks (Trackbacks)

Each time you link to a blog in CurationSoft it generates a pingback. If the blog you are linking to accepts pingbacks, then you will receive a link from that blog. No more begging for back links or tedious commenting, just link to their site when they have an informative post.
Image caching

All images are cached locally to provide you a much faster experience. Instead of waiting forever for images to load over our system serves them up in seconds.

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