[GET] Easy to Use Article Rewriter/Spinner – Everprofits Toolbar

I have a great article rewriting toolbar I would like to share here. It was shared here before, but not for its article spinning capability, but for its SEO functionality – since it is actually a multipurpose toolbar. It works a lot like Wordflood, except it’s quicker, in that it replaces synonyms but does it instantly and automatically with just a click of a mouse.

It allows you to set the rewritten uniqueness you want for each article you spin. But always use a low percentage rewrite, like about 25 – 35% if you only want to do minor editing, because it will sound like crap if you set it at too high.

The only drawback with this toolbar, it is only compatible with internet explorer at the moment. But it’s not a bad rewriter tool. It also comes with a built-in search that searches Ezine articles for any topic or keyword you enter so you can quickly find an article to rewrite.

Here’s the link: http://toolbar.everprofits.com/toolbar/

There is even a video on the site which will show you exactly how the toolbar works.


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