[GET] Traffic Secrets 2.0!!!

Ok, ok, ok…

Looks like NO ONE else has been able to get the

printed version of

Traffic Secrets 2.0

(which is really just the transcripts of ALL 12

of the CDs from the course).

So I took it upon myself to deliver for

my Black Hat Brothers & Sisters!

So go get this NOW:


Now if you’ll permit me to vent just a tiny bit…

First off, this book is pretty HUGE (373 Pages!),

came in a BINDED paperback which had to be

professionally SLICED off, then scanned

with love by hand (some of the pages

didn’t wanna let go!), first the FRONT

then the BACK sides of the pages…

After that, the 2 .pdf files had to be [email protected]#%!%

Merged together (sorry about the watermark on the

pages, but don’t bitch about it!) using a special


Then checked for accuracy.

Then uploaded (naturally).

And the file is pretty big, too (~88MB).

What a Pain in the ASS!!

…Which is why I had a buddy of mine do it for me!!


Anyway, ladies & gentlemen,

I give you…

[B]Traffic Secrets 2.0,[/B]

the Printed Manual.



P.S. Show yo’ Love!


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