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When Twitter first came out, I didn’t give it much of my time, it got to the point where everyone was talking about it so I knew I had to look at it a bit more. I quickly got a lot of followers using a Twitter tool I had found and in the first few months of IncomeDiary, I got over 100,000 people from Twitter to visit IncomeDiary. It’s been over two years since I launched IncomeDiary and it is still the second highest traffic source over all, behind Google. Other sites like Digg and Facebook aren’t anywhere near for me. Here’s why Twitter worked so well:

You set your latest Tweet as a mention of your website, then using TweetAdder, you automatically follow 1000 people, 500 on average will visit your profile, 400 most likely will click either your tweet or your profile URL, sending you 400 visitors. Using TweetAdder you can target very specific people, in the video below you can see me search for WordPress users in London, you can search for anything, such as people talking about Football in Spain. Those who don’t follow you back, you can automatically remove after 3 days. I was doing this every day, it’s the only push button system I have ever used that actually works.

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Benefits Of Using TweetAdder:

  • Set and forget software, it runs on autopilot. You could be on holiday in Spain and it will keep getting you more followers and keep sending out messages which in turn, will get you more traffic.
  • Auto message new followers something about your website or business.
  • Automatically send out Tweets, this is great for making sure people in different time zones see what you have to say.
  • Automatically follow people talking about topics related to your business, for example, I would automatically follow people saying “setting up a website” in a sentence as I know that would be highly targeted to what I have to say.
  • Automatically update your Twitter when you publish a new blog post on any of your blogs. Tweetadder will see it and tweet about it.
  • Unfollow features, you can unfollow everyone, or automatically set it to unfollow people who don’t follow you back in a set amount of days.
  • You can manage dozens of Twitter accounts all at the same time, I highly recommend you go for a multi account license so that you can do this.
  • If you use other social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace, you can automatically update those at the same time as your Twitter account. For me, this tool is a huge time saver being able to do so much with one little program, all on autopilot!


Download TweetAdder Now, Click Here!


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