5 Minute Fan Page Generator – 8 Awesome Features!

If you’ve been blogging for long, then you’ll no doubt be aware of the power that Facebook has on your traffic as you can work on building repeat customers, although convincing people to like your page has never been the easiest thing to do. Welcome pages are used to entice the visitor into the page, and encouraging them to like it, but it only really works if you’ve got a good looking page. This is where the 5 Minute Fan Page Generator comes in, they make designing an awesome page quick and simple, and which increases your conversion rate of visitors into fans.

Plenty of Designs to Choose From

The reason that it’s possible for you to create a fan page with this generator in only 5 minutes, is because a lot of the hard work with design has been done for you. When I created my own welcome page before, I made it in Photoshop, and had to come up with my own ideas, which took me a few hours. With the generator though, you have plenty of designs to choose from, ranging in styles from entire themes, to simple coupon or contact sections. When I first opened up the program, I was honestly surprised by the amount of effort and time that had gone into these very enticing designs, which rival big name fan pages that you’d expect from people such as Coca-Cola (click on that link to see their cool fan page).

Wide Variety of Page Styles

The creators of the fan page generator clearly understand the different marketing techniques that people like to employ to boost their numbers, because they’ve designed pages to help you. You have the basic options such as a single image, or making it look like your website with blog posts, to more advanced marketing, such as coupons, contact forms and video pages. A great way to get people to sign up to your list, or like your page, is to offer them an incentive, such as a free ebook, and this can be done using the coupon page. If say, for example, you’re a builder and you use your page to find new clients, then you may want to include a contact for so that you can start generating new leads. When people make fan pages for themselves and the business they’re in, such as public speaking or internet marketing, you’ll often find that they use video pages to create a more memorable introduction, and all of this can be done using the fan page generator.

Loads of Customizations

If you have a look at our fan page, you’ll see that even though we’ve used a theme, we’ve managed to make a load of our own customizations. We changed the color of the text in the header, the font, the images, the italics, the links, and all the links. The means that when we send someone to our Facebook through a direct message on Twitter, they get a taste of the content that we have to offer, which would encourage them to click ‘like’, and they may even click on a link and visit our site.

There are even options to customize the coloring of your welcome page so that it suits your website better. When you’re choosing the theme that you want to use, then as you hover over the link, the color selection pops up, so you can see whether it will be ideal for you or not, before you move forward. The combination of lots of themes, and the ability to customize them, means that you’re not going to have a problem of finding someone else with the same page design as you.

You Can Make People Like It

You’ve probably all been onto a fan page before where they make you like it before you can actually use it, and that option is now available for you too. Or at least that’s how it seems. With the added functionality of the ‘like gate’, you can now include a small personal message and ask people to like your page before they can see it, but as I said it only seems that way. In reality, if you click on ‘wall’ in the sidebar, anyone can see the page, but it helps to encourage people to like the page anyway as most people don’t realize this. Whether you want to use this or not is really dependent on what you’re offering. I personally don’t use on for my personal fan page because my site is still in the early stages, so I want people to be able to see all the details that I’ve laid out for them on the welcome page, so that they’ll either like the page or click on some links. If you’re doing a promotional offer for people who like the page, then you will of course want to include this.

You can Add more than 1 Tab

If you really want to maximize the uses of the page generator, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to include multiple pages, such as an extra contact form or video page. All these extra pages no only make your Facebook more useful, but it looks much more professional and high end, as you can use all the same theme options for the same page. Your page will end up looking like it’s a big budget project, when really it was made in less than half an hour at the most, and that will make people think that you’re more valuable.

You can Use it with Google Analytics

When you’ve completed the page and gone back to the dashboard, you’ll see a section that says ‘analytics’ and this is where you can input your GA code, so that you can track the effectiveness of your page. Facebook Insights has improved recently, but Google Analytics is always going to be on top, because of the sheer volume of information that it can provide for you, so I would recommend using this function. Again, this is incredibly easy to do, with the generator doing most of the work for you, and when it’s set up, all you have to do is go into GA and use it how you typically would for any other website.

There’s No Installation

When I made my first welcome page, I made it all on Photoshop and had to use an HTML page maker, which meant that I had to go through and work out how to code it properly so that the links would work and it was all laid out properly. I managed to get by with the information that I’d learned from editing the HTML in the post editor on my website, but for the less technically minded, this is a massive hurdle to overcome. To get this program to work, it’s just like any ordinary Facebook app where you accept the terms and conditions and allow the app to access your page; that’s all the hard work gone. You even have the option to change the icon that appears in the tab, and the name of the page. Mine says ‘welcome’ because it’s a welcome page, but you may want to change it to promote your offers, or encourage people to contact you.

It Only Takes 5 Minutes

It really depends on how much customization you want to do, and which theme you choose, but it really can be done in just 5 minutes. I was surprised at how easy it was to do, as you just click on the certain parts you want to edit and then work away. The more you customize, the longer it’s going to take, but even if you spent an hour on this, it’s still much faster than the alternatives. Mine took a little bit longer than most because I spent time finding posts that I knew would do well if I included them on the welcome page, because it’s all about getting people interested in what you have to offer. The page only went up recently, but I can tell already that this little add-on has already improved the conversions that we’re getting.

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