7 Tips To Creating a High Converting Facebook Fan Page

If you’re going to jump into the Facebook game with your business, chances are you will get a few things wrong. Below are the top 7 strategies you need to implement in order to create a profitable fan page on Facebook that attracts new visitors and creates raving fans that turn into loyal customers.

1 and 2. A Custom Landing Page for All New Visitors

Most fan page owners don’t even realize you can actually create a custom landing page that all new visitors will see before diving into the rest of your page. This lets you have the opportunity to create a “home page” on Facebook for your business, instead of funneling all your new visitors right to your wall, where not much action can be taken anyway.

There are 2 options for creating custom pages or “tabs” on Facebook fan pages. First, is FBML. FBML stands for “Facebook Mark-Up Language” and is actually created with the Static FBML application after you add it to your page. After adding the app, use basic HTML and FBML tags to create any kind of page you’d like. Second, is the all-new iFrames application. Although this is a little more complicated, it’s well worth the effort to learn or the investment if you’re going to pay someone else to create it for you.

3. A “Reveal” Tab

Chances are you’ve seen this somewhere. A reveal tab lets you restrict new visitors from seeing certain content until they click like and become a fan of your page. Reveal tabs are a fantastic way to provide an inventive for visitors to become a part of your fan page in exchange for some great free content. You can create a reveal tab with FBML or iFrame custom tabs.

4. A Commanding Profile Image

This is another tip that usually slips through the cracks. Only the best marketers on Facebook have figured out how to use even their profile image to draw attention to certain pieces of their fan page. You can point users to specific custom tabs that you have created that may have special offers or use a pretty arrow to ask non-fans to “like” your page by pointing to the like button. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure to use your profile image to tell your fans what you’d like them to do next.

5. Strategically Placed Page Thumbnails

Facebook has recently given page owners the ability to have image thumbnails at the top of their fan pages. Again, there are multiple ways to use these images profitably. You can have images of “Top Fans” and combine their picture with a testimonial and a link to your product page. You could also use the thumbnails to feature different products that you’re currently selling. Either way, if you’re looking to generate more revenue from your fan page, this strategy is a must.

6. Valuable Content

Content is the lifeblood of any page on Facebook. Your fans originally liked your page because they were under the impression that it would provide them with some value. If you fail to provide that value through status updates, shared links, emails, blog posts, etc. your fans will slowly find their way onto another page.

7. Interaction and Personality

Here is your chance to really bring your page to life for your fans. Eventually, as your page grows, you will become a celebrity in the eyes of your followers, and you can use your fan page to give everyone personal access to you. Engaging in conversations, replying to comments, and posting videos and pictures can go a long way in building a strong and lasting relationship with your fan base.

If you want to see all of these strategies pulled together into 1 fan page, you can see the page I built just a few months ago that has already surpassed 25,000 fans. Don’t get wrapped up in just the number of fans though, the most important part is behind the scenes. What most people don’t realize is a large percentage of those fans have become loyal customers who willingly spread the word around Facebook about my products. It’s so early in the Facebook game, you’d be crazy not to jump in. Check out facebook.com/get10000fans now.

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