Get TZ Search 0.3.0

TZ Search 0.3.0

  • Name : TZ Search
  • Version : 0.3.0
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Trulia Bot, Zillow Bot
  • Price : $20
  • Homepage : SalePage

TZ Search – Search, Sort And Find Leads On Trulia And Zillow In Minutes! Plus get LIVE over the shoulder training on how you can build a business helping “Real Estate” agents with everything they need to be able to close more deals and gain more business faster.


I like working with real estate agents these guys are hungry and on the go 24 hours a day 7 days out of the week. They cannot afford to make pauses as this can effect the business in a major way. The minute they get an inquiry they are on it setting up appointments, viewings etc.

But where is the growth and longevity in that?

I had a talk with a friend of mine who happens to operate a coldwell banker real affiliated estate company out in the east coast who said.

“These guys spend most of the time waiting for leads to come in and do nothing about going out and getting it! Using websites, social media. I believe with the rite tools any real estate agent can be successful it’s just all about what your doing to set your self away from the pack. If your doing the same thing everyone else is then unfortunately you are just are sheep.”

I was on to this problem long before we had spoken but was shocked to find out that these guys are dealing with the same thing they dealt with 2-3 years back.

So we built a business around the real estate market helping real estate agents with everything that they needed social media, websites you name it we did it. I knew there was a need for it so I was all over it. And the best part about this is that we built the business just using 2 platforms Trulia and Zillow.

These sites are filled with thousands of hungry realtors who are out there on the go 24/7 with cell phones rite by their lap. And I don’t know about you but agent + cell phone + alert all the time = I’m all in! and I’m sure with what I had to offer they couldn’t say no.

I’ve been able to close multiple $4449 deals rite on Zillow and trulia. And with TZ search software and live (recorded) training I’m going to show you how I managed to do it all so you can replicate it and build your own real estate agent “help” company like I did.

TZ search is one incredible peace of software that packs a huge punch. Search Trulia and Zillow for leads instantly and sort, select and choose the leads you want to work with and export them all on a CSV. Names, Photos, Profiles, Details, Emails, Names, Cell Phone Numbers (You name it TZ Search Provides it).

TZ Search 0.3.0

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